In a post last week about the trash in society, I complained about the state of litters and litterbugs in my neighbourhood. Today, I have to write this post in appreciation to the effort of NEA.

Gandhi said, be the change you want to see, a quote I use often but don’t follow. Well, inspired by my hero M, a self-proclaimed trash picker, I decided to do something about the litters instead of just complaining.

I wrote to the National Environment Authority (NEA)and my MP, Madam Halimah Yacob, and was pleasantly surprised to see a personal reply from her. Three days after my email, I was elated to see bags of garbage lined along the road, which had not been clean for at least 3 weeks.

Yesterday, on my morning run, the road around my estate was much cleaner, not 100% as the trash of society still use the path.

In another letter to NEA, I also ‘feedback’ – not complain, about the lack of dust bins at the bus stops along Hume Avenue and the appalling state of cleanliness at the bus stops, especially the one identified as Hillview Green, but located outside Parc Palais Condo.  I cannot understand how the residents who use this bus stop do not notice the sad state of affairs. Don’t the Resident Committee members of these condos along Hume Ave walk around to check? Why isn’t anything done? Actually, the paths along these Hillview and Hume Ave Condos are very littered as well. I have a mind to write to these condo RCs to ask them to clean outside their condo compound as well.

Anyway, on my run yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to notice two new green-coloured bins at the two bus stops along Hume Avenue and a much cleaner bus stop from last week.

I must say kudos to NEA for the quick response to my email. Still, one question puzzles me – was there a lapse in cleaning by the NEA contractors in both my estate and Hillview? Were there no audit done by NEA?

If you are a Singaporean reading this blog, I hope this will spur you to do something about the littering problems in your neighbourhood as well, if not to pick trash, then at least something else.

Separately on the same topic, last Friday, the ajummas frowned as we entered our studio for morning yoga class at the Clementi Swimming Pool. The parquet flooring was sandy and dusty, and the mostly housewives squirmed as we stepped bare-foot in. I made a complaint to the officer at the office and she apologised – a cleaner had just resigned and they are short handed.  When told, the Ajummas were quick to suggest we keep a magic mop to clean ourselves. Yes, why not?

I thought about this suggestion, and wonder if Singaporeans are too reliant on cleaners and dustbins. Why can’t we be like the Japanese, and hold on to our litter until we see a bin or until we arrive home? Why can’t we be like the Germans, who, according to my sister, have to clean the streets outside their home, and to shove the snow off the path outside their house during winter? Perhaps then we will be resposible and learn not to litter.


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2 Responses to THANK YOU, NEA!

  1. Dear Vicky,

    I am glad to have found your blog on the littering issue in Singapore.

    Likewise, I have created a blog on how to make Singapore livable, tackling issues such as littering and giving suggestions/solutions on how to deter littering.

    Please feel free to check out my blog and leave your comments or feedback.

    I certainly hope that with the efforts of like-minded people like us, we can make Singapore cleaner, healthier, safer and more livable.

    Let’s continue to support one another.

    Best regards,

    • vickychong says:

      Hi Elisabath,
      It’s great to meet another kindred spirit! I will definitely visit your blog. Keep up the good work and thanks for the encouragement.

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