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Military Mom

It’s been nine months to the date that I first become a military mom. Since then, another son has gone into national service (NS) as well and I am a little bit more educated on the different terms and abbreviations during NS talks … Continue reading

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Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert

I stumbled across this book on a warehouse sale many moons ago. As part of my current knowledge pursuit on the subject, ‘Happiness’, I pulled it out of my shelf and was prepared for a boring read. I am never … Continue reading

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Lovers of Haeundae – Korean Drama

At last, a romantic comedy worthy of my time. The first episode of Lovers of Haeundae immediately caught my attention with the laugh-out-loud chance encounter between Ko Sora and Lee Tae Sung. Lee, a workaholic prosecutor, pursues Ko, mistakenly thinking that … Continue reading

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走过岁月的歌LIVE零距离音乐会 – A Review

I was treated to this concert by my oldest friend P. ‘For your coming birthday,’ she said. It was a special treat even though the songs were not exactly from our era because my favourite local singer Dr Alex Su苏心荃 … Continue reading

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National Broadway Company – A review

This is a story about the who’s who of Singapore’s theatre industry, more accurately, the people who had participated in the production of Beauty World, and flourished from an unknown to who they are today. Unless you are a fervent … Continue reading

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Homecoming 2012

It was with sadness that I learned another history of my childhood would be gone. Many buildings of my childhood and youth have all but disappear with the modernisation of Singapore. During my growing up years, cameras were not something many children had. There … Continue reading

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Yoga By The Sea 2012 by Panadol

I have to include ‘by Panadol’ in the title because in just this month along, I found out that there are three mass yoga events happening every weekend – another one by Marigold next Sunday, and one more by the … Continue reading

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