Big – Korean Drama

Inspired by the 1988 Hollywood movie of the same name starring Tom Hanks, this drama started out promising enough but couldn’t sustain till the end. This romantic comedy is also rather disturbing in view of the recent female-teacher-having-sex-with-student-news scandal.

Spoiler alert! (But really it’s too predictable so you might as well ignore this warning.)

Daran is a high school teacher engaged to a dashing pediatrician Yoon Jae. She is insecure in the relationship, and is often stood up by him on dates. We are given the impression that Yoon Jae may be having an affair with his colleague.

Kang Kyung Joon is a 18-year-old transfer student from US. One day, Kyung Joon and Yoon Jae are involved in an accident and both fall into the sea. When Kyung Joon awakens in the morgue, he finds himself in Yoon Jae’s body.

The story unfolds that Kyung Joon and Yoon Jae are twins who were given birth by a surrogate mother at different times. When the parents discovered that 12-year-old Yoon Jae had an illness that needed a marrow transplant, they decided Kyung Jun to be born to save his ailing brother. Unfortunately, the parents did not want Kyung Jun and abandoned him with the surrogate mother.

Daran discovers the truth of the switch and to help Kyung Jun (in Yoon Jae’s body) cope in his new body, they decide to get married but later fall in love. Meanwhile, the soul of Yoon Jae, in Kyung Jun’s body lies comatose in the hospital. Yoon Jae’s bodily illness returns and he needs Kyung Jun’s marrow again. The transplant operation may mean the souls will return to their rightful bodies, but Kyung Joon will not remember his love for Daran after. Is she willing to take this risk, or should she remained married to Yoon Jae?

What is so unbelievable about this story is how Daran initially treats 18-year-old Kyung Joon (in Yoon Jae’s thirty-year-old body) as a minor, forbidding him to drink alcohol and warning him of how other women may take advantage of him, and yet allows herself to fall in love with a minor. Actor Gong Yoo is believable acting in a dual role as an 18 year-old student and a 30-year-old doctor, first as a stern doctor and later as a mischievous and spoilt student. The script writers however could not agree if Daran should be a mature teacher or a childish woman in love. Watching the pair, one cannot decides who is supposed to be the adult in this relationship.

That is also the reason why at the last episode, when Kyung Joon returns to his 19-year-old body and is reunited with Daran, we do not see his face, only her delighted face looking up at a man hidden by an umbrella. For yes, it’s too ridiculous and unbelievable to film the pair together even in a comedy.

Somehow the idea of an adult woman teacher and a teenager in love just do not seem right.


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  1. raindrops says:

    very disappointing drama….

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