The day I had an opportunity to grab cash

It all happened one afternoon in June. Aaron wanted to watch MIB III. Mike suggested we all go together and I reluctantly agree – family time. (Nowadays, I prefer less mainstream films.) We went to GV Tiong Bahru. The tickets came with a draw card, which you have to scan at a machine. Aaron scanned it and we were told we won $20 and a Golden Key. The ticket sellers couldn’t explain what the Golden Key was and so we left it at that.

A few weeks passed and I kept forgetting to collect my $20 prize from the GV office at Plaza Singapura. When I finally did, we were told by the GV marketing officer that I have won a chance to grab cash, plus $20. My heart immediately started palpitating. I told Mike I won’t be able to do it and he should go for it. He laughed and said I should just have some fun but remember to bring home some cash.

I noted the date in my phone’s organizer. 8.8.2012.

The day came and I almost forgot about it. Mike didn’t and reminded me the week before, then the day before. I promised Aaron dinner at Kim Gary’s just to get him to accompany me. At the last hour before the event start, Ivan couldn’t rush home, or I would have sent him on my behalf.

The night before, Mike thought we should practise. He threw some $50 and $10 notes down from the second floor. I only managed to catch one. We tried again and I caught two notes. Was I stressed – would I look stupid if I didn’t catch any notes? I thought to myself – stay calm. Even if I get one piece of $2, I am still $2 richer than before.

The day came. I checked the net for some help. One website suggested using two hands in front of the face, focusing on one note at a time, like catching mosquitoes.

I couldn’t decide what to wear. I have no deep pockets, and realise I also have no clothes with deep pockets. Should I wear a loose top, to stuff the notes in? Would I look indecent with cash stuck between my cleavage? Perhaps a wide skirt as a net to cast wide and help me catch the notes? In the end, I decided to wear the clothes I wore the day before for lunch – blouse with bermudas.

I arrived at the event, located at GV Vivocity half an hour early. My heart was racing and hands clammy. There were four winners that day. The others were all men. We were given envelopes to choose who should start first, then another envelope to decide the time in the booth. I was to start first with 40 secs. The rest of the men had 60, 50 and 40 sec respectively.

We were told the rules. We were only allowed to take the notes in mid-air, and not allowed to take any notes from the wall and floor. We were not allowed to stuff notes in our pockets or clothes, and we could not use any clothing article to help trap cash. But we were allowed to kick the notes on the floor to help disperse them, as the fan was not strong enough to propel all the notes upwards.

Before the actual start, the MC, a handsome young man, invited the audience for a trial. Anyone who can get 5 notes (they were all fake cash) in 10 sec will get a pair of tickets. Aaron refused to enter the booth. I shook my head – Aaron, why miss out this opportunity?

My turn came. I stepped in and my mind went blank. I could hardly catch any of the flying notes. Then I remember – I had to kick the cash up and that’s what i did – kick-scoop-kick-scoop. I was panting hard when I exited the booth – don’t know if it’s from the physical exertion or from the adrenalin rush of the whole thing.

At the end, my harvest was $540 – not the lowest but the second lowest. The winner was the 60 sec man who got $2050.

Was I happy?

In a recent article in Mind Your Body, Gary Hayden wrote that in any sporting events, like the Olympics, the bronze Medallists are often happier than the silver medallists. Silver medallists regret the missed opportunities to get gold, and bronze medallists are relief they did not miss out on the medals.

Well, I am like the silver medallist – if only I had kicked harder, grabbed more, had longer time….

Okay, before I get berated by you, I know I should be thankful. My Facebook page have been swarmed with congratulatory messages, telling me that I am so lucky.

Yes, I am indeed lucky.

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