Shape Run 2012

I know I promised to blog about this run. But since my sister’s visit, I had not have time to sit down to do anything. There were countless lunches and dinners with relatives to attend, plus the numerous evening spent babysitting her kids while she attended her various reunions with classmates and ex-colleagues. Before I know it, three weeks have passed since my run on 15 July and she is leaving for home tonight.

After a hiatus of one year, my friend E and I decided to return to Shape Run. One reason for our presence this year was that the price seemed to have gone down from last year’s $45 to the more reasonable $35. The goodie bag also looked more chic and presentable, rather than the flimsy recyclable bag I got two years ago, more suited for the market than for sports.

This year, two of my yoga mates also decided to run and we made a pact to meet there. It was miraculous we managed to bump into each other in the similarly attired sea of pink-clad women runners.

Adrenalin was high that morning as I had not run in a mass run for almost a year, when a few years ago, mass runs were regular events in my family.

After the heavy shower the day before, we woke up to a cool cloudy morning. The 10km runners were flagged off not long after we arrived, we having been delayed as we couldn’t find any car park. My friend E and I quickly made a last-minute dash to the many mobile toilets lined up by the field, happy that for once, there was no queue.

The 5km runners were soon asked to get ready but we could not find the entrance to the starting area, as all roads were cordoned off. When we finally did, we found ourselves right at the back, almost one km away from the starting line.

An instructor took us through a quick warm up, a difficult feat to accomplish when everyone is in such close proximity. The gun sounded but there was no room to run. I could only stroll leisurely to the starting line before commencing on a slow jog, trying to overtake the slower runners.

The road gradually narrowed until there was only a single lane. Overtaking was difficult unless you run on the kerb. Slow walkers did not keep left and some walk in a file. I couldn’t run a constant pace and was afraid this would affect my self-given goal of achieving below 35mins for the 5km run.

There was also no sight of the hunks engaged to pace the runners. Oh well, I could really have used the distraction. There weren’t any mile-stones along the route as well. I asked a marshal on the distance half way but he didn’t know.

I prodded on, ignoring the two drink stands.

The route was relatively flat and easier than the Shenton Way Route. Running along scenic Kallang River was a nice distraction and I spotted a sign ‘4KM’. With only one km to go, I increased my pace, overtaking many. Soon, I spotted Mike taking my photos and gave him a huge wave, glad my ordeal is almost over.

As I neared the finishing line, I saw the clock above: 31:38:42 min. I made it to below 35 mins, and could probably have gone below 30 min.

Arriving early has its benefits. There was no queue as I quickly collected my goodie bags before going around the booths to have instant photos taken with the various sponsors.

I spotted my yoga mate Ling who has just returned and by then, the queue for the goodie bag have snaked around so much we couldn’t locate the starting point of the queue. She was good-natured and resigned to the long queue. We grabbed a quick photo and I bid her farewell.

I love my Fuscia pink Reebok running top and matching bag. I really enjoyed my Shape Run this year and look forward to the next one.


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