30th Drama Anniversary – Our Theme Song Concert 戏剧情牵30-我们主题曲演唱会

Last Sunday was probably the most eventful day that I can recall. I had woken up at 5am for the 5km Shape Run I was participating in with a few girlfriends, thinking I could probably run, come home have a nap in the afternoon and then be fresh and ready for the concert. Instead, a Nanyang school mate called and arranged for an impromptu gathering with another whom we had not seen since 1982. Although high from the reunion, by the time I was sitting at my $101 corner seat, I was floating in dreamland. (It did not help that the concert did not start on time, like most concerts.)

When I first suggested watching the concert to my usual concert khakis, I had expected at least one or two who were willing to go along with me. After all, with stars like Kit Chan, Eric Moo, Mavis Hee and 动力火车 belting out familiar tunes, it should be quite good. Alas, no one wanted to and I had to drag a reluctant Mike along. (‘But I don’t watch TV dramas and don’t know the songs.‘)

Luckily, Eric Moo opened the concert with a bang. Probably like many people who had bought tickets just to hear a particular singer, mine was Eric Moo. (I only found out my brother was attending that evening, for 动力火车.) His banter with the audience resulted only in a few chuckles. This was clearly not the usual Eric Moo’s concert audience I am familiar with. He reference to the recent evangelistic action in a May concert took on a self-deprecating humour – ‘I better not talk, as I always get into trouble when I talk, but then I still get invited back!’ He saw the celebrity husband and wife teams Pang Ling Ling and Huang Shi Nan, Hong Hui Fang and Zheng Ge Ping sitting in the first row and told them, “I grew up watching your shows” and was immediately shot back with ‘We grew up listening to your songs!”

That probably summed up the average aged of the audience – uncles and aunties in the forties to fifties.

Eric Moo sang four songs, too few but then I reminded myself that this was not his concert. My regret was missing the 重逢10 演唱会 in May that he also performed.

Love 97.2 DJ Li Lian did a good job as a host, pretty and quick-witted enough save any embarrassed reference to aging actors and actress. She did a lovely rendition of 关怀方式 with Chen Hanwei, from the TV movie 七月俏佳人, one of my favourite then.

I really enjoyed the segments with Maggie Teng, Kit Chan and Mavis Hee. I thought Mavis Hee received much appreciative and supportive applause.

Kit Chan belted a recent hit 倔強 from 阿娣 which was terrific. It was written by 梁文福, who was sitting just a few seats away from me, who also wrote many songs for local dramas.

There were a few ‘weak links’. One was Cheryl Wee, daughter of Jean Yip – very pretty but her voice was weak when placed amongst the best of Singapore’s singers. Another was song writer Lee Wei Song. His version of 红头巾, originally sung by 陈淑桦,  greatly disappointed Mike. Lee should just stick to what he does best – write songs, and leave the singing to others.

The last to appear was -动力火车. I didn’t know they collaborated with Mediacorp  which used quite a number of their songs, the most famous and one they must sing when in Singapore is from 出路 – 我吃得起苦. I also like 有话直说. My sister-in-law said my brother went wild with their performance.

The concert was also graced by  Huang Wen Yong, Xiang Yun and Wang Yuqing, who surprised Maggie Teng in a school uniform, as he did in their drama The Flying Fish.

After the concert, it was hard not to purchase the CD on sale outside to relive the songs and memories. The local stars were on hand to sign autographs and all the uncles and aunties queued up like teenagers, me included!

It was a wonderful evening and to my friends who didn’t attend – what a pity you missed it!


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