On my runs for Durians!

Along Ulu Pandan Park Connector (PCN) where I jog at least twice weekly, there is a lone durian tree standing where the KTM rail track used to be. It bore fruit last year but there is no sighting of any fruits this year. Many of my fellow joggers did not notice the tree until I pointed it out to them. This would inadvertently be followed by the discussion on how many durians I can eat. (Too many!)

I complained to one jogger Richard that it’s difficult for me to lose weight, especially during this period of the durian seasons.

Durian fruit (Durio zibethinus), Nutrition value per 100 g. (Source: USDA National Nutrient data base)

Energy 147 Kcal 7%
Carbohydrates 27.09 g 21%
Protein 1.47 g 2.5%
Total Fat 5.33 g 20%
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%

‘Don’t eat the whole tree. Just eat a few seeds,’ came his advise. I rolled my eyes at him. He is obviously not a durian eater. He told me that I had to increase my speed, to sprint as quickly as I can until I cannot tahan, then slow down to recover and then repeat. I told him at my speed, I already just manage to tahan without dying. (4.8km in about 30 mins.)

I envy many of my friends, who do no exercises and yet remain slim. In fact, since losing their maids, two of my aunts have even lost weight to the brink of being skinny, and they do no exercise unless you consider marketing and window shopping.

My friends told me, ‘You are not too bad,’ even though I should lose 10 kg. I tell them I work out at least an hour every day, alternating between jogging 5km and yoga and yet I am barely maintaining my weight.

I told my fellow jogger Mrs Lee, who jogs daily at the PCN that I don’t enjoy my run and that I run so that I can eat. She too admits to not enjoying her runs but does so at the insistence of her husband. Mr Lee (at 60+ age) covers at least 60km weekly, running two times on Saturday. Mrs Lee rests on weekends.  Mr Lee often invites me to go for the longer runs he does on Thursday and Saturday morning. How long? About 2.5 hours, covering almost the whole western island. er…no thanks. Fo that kind of long runs, I want a finisher T.

We often meet the same group of joggers and have fun chatting and comparing our runs. (Yesterday I saw Vivian, the lady who won a few local runs/marathons.) Then there are some who modestly display their various finisher t-shirts during their evening runs. Why modest? I asked one, ‘You ran the SunDown Marathon?’ and he replied, ‘I am still running!’

The last few runs I had were especially hard. I wonder if its time to change my three-year-old shoes. My legs felt like lead and poor Andreas, who completed his returned journey of 2.4km at 8mins50sec had to wait a long time for his mother’s return. Even Aaron ran faster than me during the recent June holidays.

This Sunday is the Shape Run. I am trying to go under 35mins for 5km. I read that there are a few hunks along the way to distract the ladies’ fatigue and to ‘motivate’ us. I am almost looking forward to the run because of them.

Read all about it in my next post.


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