Natulux Hotel, Furano

I was catching up with my Korean drama, Love Rain (Episode 5, starring Jang Guen Suk), when a wintry scene in it looked vaguely familiar. In the show, Seo Jun, a photographer was trying to photograph ‘diamond snow’ in Hokkaido and had checked into the hotel where I had stayed when I was in Furano. (The wintry scene was actually the Mile Seven Hill). Then I recalled seeing framed photos of Jang Guen Suk displayed around the hotel lobby, with a ‘No photograph’ sign on it.

Natulux Hotel as seen on TV, Snow Rain

Natulux Hotel is a nondescript grey building with even pattern of square windows on its exterior facade. It is located a minutes walk away from the main JR station, where a tourist office is also located. The lobby is decorated in a homely living room manner, with comfortable sofas separated from the front desk by a display shelf of books, pamphlets and ornaments. Next to the lobby is a small dining hall. As you enter, there is a small modern onsen (enough for three people) on the left.

Hotel rooms in Japan is notorious for its miniscule size. The room given to my roommate and me initially was small, with two single beds on raised wooden platform sandwiched between the window and the toilet. There was only room for one way traffic and no place for my luggage.

The original room I was given.

The toilet in the original room.

Upgraded corner room

Luckily, the manageress decided to upgrade us – those with big luggage, and we were given another room, one large enough for a chair and a table in it.

Upon checking in, I requested the password for wifi. Seeing that I still couldn’t access the wifi, the kind man behind the counter gave me a portable wifi unit for use in my room free of charge. That’s how friendly the staff are.

Breakfast is not included in our room rate, but we were advised to pre-book to get a discount. I paid 15,500 Yen for two nights (per person rate) and another 1250Yen for a choice of either western or Japanese breakfast.

Japanese breakfast set

To me, this was nothing extraordinary about the hotel, but perhaps after watching Love Rain (now showing on KBS), it will be the hotel to stay in Furano. Incidentally, we were astonished to see my mother, who was travelling with my brother’s family checked in. My sister in-law chose this hotel from the internet as she felt that this ‘hotel was special.’


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