Writing my Bucket List

Finally! I can cross this item out on my bucket list – Sakura in Japan. I was able to experience the sakura season in Japan because of a very understanding husband who consented to his homemaker wife going on a vacation with her girlfriends during the school exam period.

When I mentioned about this item being on my bucket list, my son Aaron immediately pointed out that he didn’t see this on my board. I have a vision board next to my desk and on it are photos of what i wish to see happen in the future – Northern lights, City of Petra etc, plus a published book and a million dollars in my bank account. I am supposed to look at the board and give thanks to the visions/photos which I know is coming my way, but have neglected to see it in recent times now that the board has more notices and reminders than my visions.

Aaron is right. I don’t really have a published bucket list. I did try to make twenty wishes (based on the book Twenty Wishes https://vickychong.wordpress.com/2009/12/27/my-twenty-wishes-if-i-can-complete-it/) and didn’t even managed to complete it.

On my trip to Hokkaido in May, we travelled with two senior women – mothers of my friends. They are as different as night and day. One was enthusiastic about everything and gung-ho to try anything – onsen, food and even crazy poses for photographs. The other mother sticks to what she feels most comfortable – don’t try anything new.

During the few moments of conversation, I could see how they behaved during the trip in Hokkaido reflects greatly on how they live life. Both retired, one spends her time shuttling between three countries visiting her grandkids, while planning another holiday to China in July. The other spends quiet time at home alone with her maid, doing nothing very much.

Gary Tang (read about him in https://vickychong.wordpress.com/2011/11/10/gary-tang/) recently sent me this card that has the quote by Abraham Lincoln: “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” How apt for this card to land on my desk as I ponder about my bucket list.

So why do i need a bucket list? For the reason that my hubby Mike just predicted yesterday that I will be just like my octogenarian grandma, who prefers to stay at home and not venture out, living her life in seclusion with no passions and energy for life. I was defensive – I read, I jog, I enjoy my vacation. But deep down, I realise he might be right. Already, my friends chided me last week that I am too lazy to go for a meal whenever they suggest it.

Making a bucket list is a good way to plan for my golden years. There are places to see, things to accomplished and a list would be like a goal I need to complete. I probably only have three decades to fulfill what’s on my bucket list. Time is running out.


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