Withdrawal Blues

Since the demise of Reddifusion Singapore, Gran has been having the withdrawal symptoms.

“The house is so quiet.’ She complained.

I said I’ll get her a radio so at least she can listen to FM958. ‘They have Teochew news.’ I told her.

‘Do they have stories, songs in Hokkien or Teochew? I am not interested in news,’ said the very particular old lady.

‘Okay, I shall buy you CDs,’ I promised her.

I didn’t know where to start. I have not bought a CD for a very long time. I thought the best place would be the CD shop at Bras Basah Complex.

Mike and I made our way there yesterday. They only have Teochew Operas in DVD. Desperate, I whatsapp-ed a friend, P, who grew up in Sago Lane. Bingo. She directed me to the shop above CK at Chinatown.

There, I managed to grab all the Hokkien songs Granny requested – Chen Jin Lang 陈金浪 and Wang Sa Ye Fong VCD. Gran also specially requested 雪梅思君 and 十二莲花. I was impressed she could tell me the song titles, and even more impressed with myself for understanding what she said in Teochew.

Last night, at a pasar malam in Toa Payoh, we managed to buy some Teochew CDs. Only just now, Mike also managed to find 陈澍城Chen Shu Chen’s Teochew CD at ebay. So Gran should be pleased.

Mike told me in the car. ‘Let me copy the songs into MP3 for myself first before you pass to your Grandma.’

I looked at him in mock horror. ‘You and I are really from different generations.’

He laughed. ‘Yes, I am more your Grandma’s generation.’



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5 Responses to Withdrawal Blues

  1. KAM says:

    Someone in today’s post lambasted that Ministers need money to be enticed to become ministers.
    Your final section on your story tells me exactly why.

    Why does your friend need to “convert to MP3”?
    Why he cannot buy the CD’s himself?
    Because Singaporeans are so “gian zii” (love money). We are so cheapo, that we are governed by cheapo ministers too.
    So next time you copy something, think about it. If you can afford it, buy it yourself.
    And remember to teach your next generation about this.

  2. Yanz says:

    Hi may I know what’s the name and address of the shop above CK at chinatown where u bought hokkien songs from?

    • vickychong says:

      I am really sorry I don’t know. There aren’t any signboard as it occupies the whole top floor. The sales people there are not much help so it’s better to go there personally to search for whatever you are looking for. Alternatively, a shop in Ubi also sells dialect songs on EBay. Just google it. Good luck.

    • vickychong says:

      You may try also Unisong Pre Ltd, #01-11, Fook Hai Building. Tel 62785208. I just found some CDs here.

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