My Girlfriend is a Gumiho – Korean Drama

Can you imagine? This drama was recommended by Andreas. You would think it’s a wonderful thing to share something in common with your nearly twenty-year-old son, but I would rather he does something else than watch Korean dramas on his laptop, like, read a book.

Anyway, with a title like this, I wouldn’t have watched it. Gumiho means nine-tail-fox literally. Not my kind of romance but the first episode immediately captivated my attention.

Dae Woong (Lee, Seung Ki, last seen in The Brilliant Legacy) accidentally releases Gumiho, a nine-tail-fox from a painting. Gumiho is actually a beautiful girl who has been trapped in the painting for 500 years. She desires to become a human by marrying a man, but the men were all put off by the rumour that she will eat his liver after the wedding. Since she couldn’t get married, a goddess locked her up in a painting.

The first episode was laugh out loud funny. Miho, as she is now called, saves Woong by giving him her orb, something that protects her. He views her as a man-eating carnivore and is afraid that she may eat him.

She loves meat and all animals are food to her. In one scene, he is pleased when she shares his taste and chooses the brown shirt too from among many other coloured shirts for his audition, until he learns her reason – brown, the colour of cow, her favourite meat.

Her naiveté and innocence provide the comic for this drama. Woong shows an interest in another woman and she asks Woong if he wants to mate with that woman?

Woong, with Miho’s orb, can do many amazing stunts and lands in a movie role. In exchange for keeping Miho’s orb in him for 100 days, Miho will lose her tail every ten days and eventually becomes a human. Unknown to them, the orb is absorbing Woong’s human energy and leading him to death.

When they finally fall in love midway and learn of this, they decide to stop the process but unfortunately, the tails continue to disappear. They are told by a wizard who once love Miho that Miho will eventually disappear as well, but Woong shall be saved.

After laughing through the first few episodes, the last two episodes were one of the saddest in the history of Korean dramas. The most romantic of lines sprouted in Korean dramas can be found in these last two episodes.

Woong tells Minho, ‘You are an evil gumiho. You bewitched a man and made him willingly give you his soul and energy. And now you cause him so much pain that it’s tearing him apart.’

They decide to spend the final 100th day together, not even wanting to waste time for sleep. They see an elderly couple holding hands walking by, and know they have no such future. Still, bravely, Woong tells Miho, ‘ Right now, having you beside me is my happiest moment.’ Miho, looking back, repeats the line back to him. Aww…so sad.

I read in the newspapers’ review that this drama was scripted by a pair of sisters who also wrote The Greatest Love and City Hall, two of my favourite dramas. If you like them, then you’ll enjoy this as well.


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