Reading The Straits Times

As long as I can remember, I have been reading the newspapers since I was in primary school. My parents did not have to ever nag me to read the newspapers. Perhaps the fact that I was required to do a weekly newspaper review had a role in cultivating this habit. I had to do an alternate English and Chinese newspapers review. The English one I had no problem, although I couldn’t understand why my teacher insisted we limit ourselves to the Editorial when there were much more exciting news. (Even now I find the Editorial boring.) After writing the review summary, we had to finished with a conclusion.

For the Chinese newspapers, my forte was the murder stories. It was sensational news and the juicy details made good reading. (The Chinese Journalists were more descriptive.) Unfortunately, after receiving three consecutive reports on murders, my teacher told me to stick to 论文 Editorial as well.

My kids never had to do any newspapers reports, at least, not regularly, only on an ad-hoc basis. Thus they have never develop the habit of reading the newspapers, except when soccer season is on. Then, they only read the Sports section.

When they were younger, I would cut the papers, paste them in an exercise book and go through the passage with them, highlighted the vocabulary and then made them do a summary.

I stopped doing that when they started secondary school. Instead, I circle the article I want them to read, highlighting the individual’s names.

It takes a couple of nagging before they read. I felt if they only read just one article a day, then it must be one that interests and affects their lives. Unfortunately, not everyday have such articles.

I will then hold a short discussion to get their opinions, reminding them that they can disagree with the journalists who wrote them.

Sometimes of course, there is nothing of interest even for me and thus the boys are spared. Still, I wish they would read the other news on their own.

Last Sunday, I had a laugh when I opened the Sunday Times and saw a circled article and my name on top.

Aaron, my youngest son, had replicated my actions. He wanted to ensure that I not miss this very important review.

I am so happy my effort is finally paying off, even if the article is on food.


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