The Lucky One – Movie Review

Last night was movie night with Bee. We had both read The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks and was looking forward to the movie.

Although many of Nicholas Sparks’ novels have been made into films, I had only seen one – Night in Rodanthe. The others were shown over HBO and was really slow-moving. There is a chance that this movie might fall into the same mishandling, but we were encouraged by ST Life!’s review of hanky moments – nothing bonds girlfriends better than weeping over a sad movie.

I read the book two years ago (Read my book review here and although I remember bits and pieces, most of the details were lost to me. Thus I was amazed (and amused) by Bee’s recollection of the book, as she describes how the movie differs in some parts from the book. (Like how Keith, the ex-husband, was portrayed more kindly in the movie than the film.)

The story starts with Logan serving in Iraq and how finding a photo of a girl saved him numerous times from getting killed. He searches in the internet for clues on how to locate her and the background photo of a lighthouse gives him the lead to walk from Colorado to where she is. Beth lives with her grandmother and son, and they run a kennel. (Blythe Danner, as the grandmother, looks more like Beth’s mother than Grandmother. )

Logan falls in love with Beth, but Beth is threatened by Keith that she will lose their son if she continues the affair. Keith shows the photo of Beth he has found at Logan’s place, and warns her that she is being stalked by Logan. She gets angry with Logan (I cannot understand what for?) and he decides to leave.

On a rainy night, Keith asks for a reconciliation and threatens to take Ben, their son away. Ben hears this and runs away, gets swept into a river which finally kills Keith. (Why would a son run away from his dad which he is on good terms with?)

There was no Kleenex moment for me. The only consolation in watching this narrative drama is indulging in the intense blue eyes of Zac Efron as he gazes straight at you from the screen. There was no heart tugging or vague moments worthy of the romantic genre it claims to be. (Logan leaves Beth without a second glance or hesitation!??) Beth  is rather irritating as she can fly into a rage for no apparent reason.

As Bee summarized, the book was much better.


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