Stay With Me My Love – Korean Drama

I just finished the last four episodes today which I had recorded last week. I can’t believe I could sit through almost 46 episodes daily and then waited one week later to finish watching the last four episodes.

Mi Sol and Suk Bin were high school sweethearts. She was just entering the university when she found out she was pregnant. Suk Bin’s mother immediately sent her son off to US to study and forced Mi Sol to go for an abortion. Unknown to her, Mi Sol did not go through with the abortion and gave birth to a son, Yong woon, which Mi Sol’s mother raised as her own.

Seven years later, Suk Bin is back with a new wife. His family have been living with his uncle’s in-law since he was young and he dislikes the way his mother tries to please his uncle’s mother-in-law, whom he calls Granny. His aunt has died and Suk Bin’s mother wants Suk Bin to inherit Granny’s business, as Granny’s late daughter has no children. She found out later that Granny has been frantically searching for her daughter’s illegitimate son, whom she had given away at birth and tries to thwart her attempts to locate the child.

Suk Bin finds out that he is infertile from catching VD in US. He discovers his son Yong Woon and plans to fight for custody. Mi Sol is dating So Rong and faces disapproval from So Rong’s family for being an unwed mother. The family wants her marry So Rong without the son.

So Rong discovers that he is adopted. Suk Bin and his mother find out that Granny’s grandson is actually So Rong, who works in Granny’s company. They plot to get him in trouble to get him out of Granny’s company.

Would Suk Bin and his mother succeed?

I like how the story comes full circle, with the central theme on unwed mothers and how they are ostracised in conservative Korean society. The story is balanced in that the villains are never always the winners throughout the story. They encounter setbacks as well and are often fraught with worries if their scheme would succeed or would be discovered.

Still, the victims are often portrayed as too kind-hearted, so much so that I feel they deserve the suffering for being so stupid.

Still, I thoroughly enjoy watching this drama. You would too.




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16 Responses to Stay With Me My Love – Korean Drama

  1. citra says:

    Could you tell me the ending story ?

    • vickychong says:

      It’s a good ending. So Rong ended with Mi Sol, I think Suk Bin ended up in jail and his wife left for overseas. His family is forced to move out of Granny’s house. His uncle fell in love with Mi Sol’s mother. So Rong’s mother accepted Mi Sol when So Rong’s sister also got pregnant by Mi Sol’s uncle and married him. (I am impressed with myself for remembering all this, but forgive me if some details are wrong.

  2. lina says:

    I try to find watch online this drama but seems like didn’t show me anything…..any idea? where can I watch online?…
    Thanks, Lina

  3. sakinah says:

    yeah,a very good ending.

  4. sakinah says:

    oh my mistake.hehe. ummmm what is sbs???? you now what im just 12 years old many to ask about this drama.

  5. yanie says:

    i like this story but… i cant stand to stay to see the movie until the end… but i would like to ask you… did So Ryong know who is his? and did the granny know that So Ryong is her grand son..?

  6. Monic anak Jueng says:

    I don’t like the character of Do Mi sol as she protrayed as a weak person. It’s really unfair as Suk Bin can easily get Yoon Woong as his son whereas all the while he didin’t bother about him at all. I hope the ending will be a happy ending.

  7. farehajohari says:

    You can watch all episodes here

    Apparently, there are two versions of the titles in English translation. Currently running on the Channel ONE (Astro 393) is Stay With Me, My Love and the other is My Love By My Side. At first, I couldn’t find any website that can be watched online either. But when i figured out that there are another version of the name of the title, then i finally can watch it. That website have a lots of Korean Drama & Movie (Eng Sub) you can watch online. Enjoy!

  8. zaida says:

    can u tell me the ending story

  9. Aiman says:

    I miss this drama from episode 43
    can help me where I can watch previous episode from 43 till da end?? 😦

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