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The Lucky One – Movie Review

Last night was movie night with Bee. We had both read The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks and was looking forward to the movie. Although many of Nicholas Sparks’ novels have been made into films, I had only seen one – … Continue reading

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Buddhism in Modern Times – CD recording by Ajahn Brahm

My brother passed me this CD and a couple more recently. These are the recordings of speeches by Ajahn Brahm during his trips to Singapore. I had heard these speeches live and thoroughly enjoy hearing them again. Ajahn Brahm was born Peter Betts … Continue reading

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How to talk to your kids abour sex

In case you have not heard, there was a sex scandal in the local news recently. 48 (out of a possible 80) men were arrested for having sex with a prostitute below 18 years old. The men, one as young … Continue reading

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Family Time

Ivan was on a one week break last week after his completion of BMT. He had been away for nine weeks, returning home only on Fridays and then back to camp on Sundays. His home leave did not make any … Continue reading

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What I learn at a school’s Speech Day

Whenever I attend a school event where there are numerous speakers, I often come home enlightened by the VIP’s speeches. I know they are speaking to the students, but the message they bring is just as profound to me as an adult … Continue reading

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Stay With Me My Love – Korean Drama

I just finished the last four episodes today which I had recorded last week. I can’t believe I could sit through almost 46 episodes daily and then waited one week later to finish watching the last four episodes. Mi Sol … Continue reading

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Take The 5 Love Languages profile with this widget

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