Salmon Fishing In The Yemen – Movie Review

My girlfriends from KL were in town last weekend and yesterday, we had some time to spare before their evening flight home.

When we were colleagues back in the ICI days, SF and I often went to the movies together whenever she was in town. We love British movies and I think Hugh Grant’s movies were a ‘must watch’ for us.

This time, her interest has shifted to Ewan McGragor. I don’t remember watching any of his movie, but then, I don’t really know many British actors, except Hugh Grant and Mr Bean. I wanted to watch a ‘feel good’ movie and this highly rated movie was reviewed to have the perfect ending.

A Yemeni Sheik wants to introduce Salmon fishing into his country. He engages an investment consultant Harriett to oversee the venture. Harriett approaches the fishery expert Dr Fred Jones to implement it. Fred thinks it’s a ridiculous plan but his arms are twisted into accepting the venture when the Prime Minister’s Press Secretary gets wind of it. She needs a PR rescue package after some incidence in the war in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Harriett’s new boyfriend has just been sent to Afghanistan and is declared MIA. Fred’s wife leaves for Geneva and the couple finds their marriage in trouble. Very conveniently, Fred and Harriet fall in love in Yemen while doing the project.

While the project, estimated to cost $50m is theoretically possible, the implementation requires the dam engineers that build the Three Gorges Dam in China, an oxygen producer company, air freight to transport the 50,000 live salmon, and the salmon itself. Viola! all these were solved magically. Alas, some Yemeni folks disapproves of the project and try to sabotage it…and Harriette’s boyfriend returns….

Kristin Scotts Thomas, in the role as the brash press secretary is hilarious, a change from her usual vulnerable roles.

The built up was rather slow, or perhaps I was just sleepy in the early afternoon. We enjoyed the British humour but decided that the romance between Fred and Harriett quite unwarranted.

Still, a pleasant way to pass the afternoon with girlfriends.





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2 Responses to Salmon Fishing In The Yemen – Movie Review

  1. vgag says:

    I recently caught this film to. I like Ewan McGregor tremendously. Other than his various turns in Star Wars, I was impressed by his intense performance in Rogue Trader a few years back.
    I thought the entire project was environmentally very suspect, and tough on the poor salmon!

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