Wild Romance – Korean Drama

After a dry spell, this romantic comedy certainly took me on a wild ride. I simply love it for the charismatic lead actor and actress, the clever dialogues and the lovable cast of supporting actors and actresses.

To break new ground, the setting is in the fields of baseball. (The scriptwriter must keep coming up with new ideas, what with medical, spy, airlines, performing schools all already shown.) Thankfully, the airtime of actual baseball is limited, with much of the plot centred on the blossoming romance between baseball ace Park Muyeol and bodyguard Yoo Eun Jae. In fact, I don’t remember any games being played.

Muyeol, the star of team Red Dreamers is  being threatened with photos of his eyes pierced being circulated around. He engages Eunjae as his body-guard after a video clip of Eunjae and him fighting appear io the internet. Eunjae is a fan of rival team Blue Seagulls. They are constantly at loggerhead and the bickering is really funny to watch.

In one scene, Muyeol asks Eunjae if she suspects anyone close who would want to kill her. She nods to which he quickly adds, ‘We’re not close.’ Eunjae then replies, ‘Then no.’

They suspect an unhappy fan is harmlessly threatening Muyeol until someone tries to poison him. The suspense comes when everyone appears to be a suspect to Eunjae, including Muyeol’s best friend. The plot thickens when Muyeol’s first love returns and she is threatened as well.

Supporting the cast are Eunjae’s very cute housemate Donga, who sometimes overshadows Eunjae. Muyeol’s first love JongHee is also another actress who is lovely to watch. With two extremely feminine supporting actresses, Lee Si Young as Eunjae manages to shine in her short hair, tom-boy, and masculine uniform. Lee Dong Wook is in his best in a comedy role, goatee and all.

Do watch this.


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