Seeing my fate through numbers

As soon as Aaron completed his PSLE, I have many people asked me what I am going to do next. My Aunt called and complained that I am ‘wasting time sitting at home and not working’, but I told her it’s my time I am wasting, not hers. My KL friend called to tell me of a position in her the Singapore branch of her company. ‘Give me your resume!’ She urged. Huh? My resume was last written in year 2000!  So, the push turned into shove and I decided to really consider what I want to do henceforth. Mike was not very helpful. He tells me,  ‘If it’s about money, then you don’t have to worry about looking for a job.’ (I keeping hearing the ‘yet’ at the end.) I asked Aaron, and he said, ‘Go lah!’

I posed the same questions to my friends whose children had completed PSLE last year and who had stopped work too. They were just as vague. M, a hospital administrator, had received calls from her boss to go back but she is reluctant. She enjoys staying at home and cooking for her family, rather than to face the pressure of work again, never mind her Biochem Honours degree. But…she stressed, she is still considering. Another stay-home-mom decided to help in her husband’s business instead of returning to the workforce.

Me? Lost and confused. A fortune-teller in Taiwan told me last year that my ‘career house’ is very strong and she was surprised that I am a homemaker. ‘Go back to work,’ she advised. What would she recommend? ‘Something to do with the Earth elements, like construction, estate agents etc…’ Huh? She said the I had wasted my years in the Chemical sales business, as it was incompatible with my horoscope.

As someone who reads her horoscope daily hoping for some inspirations, I was thus curious to read in the newspapers a preview seminar conducted by Dr Oliver Tan on ‘The Power of Numbers.’ For $47, other than teaching us how to calculate our numbers based on our birth dates and thus our fortune, we could also obtain a chart detailing our characters, life, career, etc.

The three hours seminar was held at Hilton hotel yesterday. The MC was a minor celebrity, Craig, an actor on TV. According to the workbooks we were given, Dr Oliver Tan was a lawyer who earned his PhD from US for research on numbers. Dr Tan told us that his research is based on the number crunching of birth dates, rearranging it into an inverted Pythagoras triangle and then tabulated through statistic. There is nothing religious, spiritual or fengshui about it. He did not mince his word when he repeatedly described his discovery as ‘awesome’ and ‘fantastic’.

I was skeptical, because from his theory, anyone who share the same birth dates share the same fate. But I also concede horoscopes also generalise in much the same way.

When I received my chart, I thought there was too much generalization such that from the many points that were written, there is bound to be one that describes you. Example on my health, it stated that : One or two of the following could be your sickness. Stomach/pancreas/spleen problems, immune system problems, digestive problems, gas/belching. Lack of absorption. Lymphatic problems, loose bowels, Anemia, hemorrhoids, overweight or underweight, inability to receive nutrients…

Based on the profile of the people who attended the seminar yesterday – mostly middle-aged and senior citizen – I can safely say each of us can pick at least one problem from the above. (Overweight or underweight? Who is ever satisfied with their weights?)

In the advise for me in year 2012, I was told ‘If you want to go into some kind of illegal/vice business, you may do so this year.’ Huh? Illegal or vice?

Anyway, back to the seminar. The seminar was a comedy. The audiences were hilarious as they asked what may seemed to be the funniest questions. We were told that those with number 1,1,1,1 would have cancer. Or that those with ‘7’ at the bottom will sit on wheelchair when old. But don’t worry, now that we know these unfortunate happenings, they’ll be broken. Someone with ‘7’ asked what would happen if he had already sat on wheelchair when he was 18. ‘Oh, then it’s broken.’ Another with ‘7’ asked, ‘Can we then pretend to sit on wheelchair first?’ The answer? ‘Cannot pretend!’

We were told to look for ‘6’ in our triangle. ‘6’ means money. Some of us with no ‘6’? Don’t worry be happy, was Dr Tan’s advice.

I must say I had enjoyed the 3.5-hour seminar. I never laughed so much for so long. Those of us in the audience who were convinced enough paid nearly $2K to attend a two full day seminar to learn more this coming weekend. Me? It was just an entertaining afternoon. I am still none the wiser.

Perhaps I really should look into some vice business….


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5 Responses to Seeing my fate through numbers

  1. TC Lai says:

    Ha, ha.. funny. I think that Craig (chubby TV actor) you mention is my sec sch classmate Greg Teo (he now goes by the name Craig. He was in that CNY rabbit/beer ad last year) Well, this numbers thing is all mumbo-jumbo, like Feng Shui. I pity the folks who pay all that money for the weekend seminar.

    As to your predicament, I think you are in a fortunate place as compared to most. If money is not indeed a worry, then you are better off pursuing something that you like to do. Or want to make a difference. Going back to a job – you’ll find – is more for the company (i.e. colleagues) than the money. I don’t think you’ll relish the challenge unless it is to earn that big bonus or build up a company. So, what is it that you want to see at the end of five years from now (I know, it is the cliche career planning thing), but it is worth looking at because I think you and yr husband will be thinking about retirement plans then. Perhaps time to start building an activity to last you through yr senior years? Just a thought.

    • vickychong says:

      Craig- that’s the exact one you described! (What school?)
      Actually I m the typical Sporean- no drive. Just waiting and hoping for the perfect job to fall on my lap! That was how I got my last two jobs. A little bit of 守株待兔 syndrome . (Do you know Chinese?)

      • TC Lai says:

        Yes, I do know Chinese. That chen yu is apt. Craig and I from AES (Assumption English School in Boys’ Town). How I ended up there is another story! He and I played in the same badminton team. (There’s a picture of us in my FB page) He’s very drama, more suited for stage than TV. That’s kind of nice, to have things fall into yr lap. Some people are kindly fated like that. Yes, I think I know what you mean by typical Singaporean. Thing is, Singapore is safe and stable, so people shud be more daring. No need to worry about family/home, can just go out and chiong! Forget about work; just go write a novel!

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