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Seeing my fate through numbers

As soon as Aaron completed his PSLE, I have many people asked me what I am going to do next. My Aunt called and complained that I am ‘wasting time sitting at home and not working’, but I told her … Continue reading

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The recent offerings of Korean Drama on cable have been rather disappointing, even though they were of my romantic genre, in line with Valentine’s Day. Thus I was happy when Aunt lent me her DVD, My Princess, a romantic comedy about how an … Continue reading

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I am an introvert

I read this very interesting article on Times magazine last week, and confirmed what I have always known, I am an introvert. Here are some traits of an introverts: Introverts do not have to mean shy. Shy people actively seek … Continue reading

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Spring Awakening (NC16) – Musical Review

Two things happened together to propel me to watch this musical. A friend whatsapp-ed me, highly recommending this musical as her nephew was starring in it. I read up on it but didn’t think much about it. Two days later while … Continue reading

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Run by Anne Patchett

This is her final book I am reading. Unlike all the other books, the story line is more central to America, although the protagonist family (if there is such a thing) is unlike any typical American family. Doyle, an ex-mayor … Continue reading

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Mother of a Soldier

If having my youngest child enter secondary school did not make me feel old, witnessing my son get enlisted into National Service(NS) certainly seals it. As we waited at Pasir Ris Bus Interchange for the ride to Changi Ferry Terminal, I watched the … Continue reading

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