How Well Do You Know Your Child?

In the latest issue of Essential Parenting, there was a quiz that sounded quite interesting – how well do you know your child? The day before, I was just chatting with my friend and she lamented that she does not know her child at all, a thirteen year-old boy. When she met up with her son’s teacher last year, she was surprised at what the teacher told her. It was as if the teacher was telling her about a total stranger.

I am quite confident that I know Aaron and Andreas fairly well, perhaps not so for Ivan, who tends to be more evasive. So it was a coincidence that I found this quiz online. I did a blind test together with Aaron and compared answers.

I would say I score pretty well (7/10)Some of his answer I would disagree if I may – not having his food of choice is more upsetting than not having to use the computer.

And he told me he finished reading Freedom (by Daniel Suarez) the night before without my knowledge. So I am partially right on that too. (Check his own cancellation.)

Plus I had to remind him how he is afraid of any insects (other than ants).

It was a fun exercise for both of us. I should try this with my two other sons, except that as young adults, I really don’t need and don’t want to know too many things about them.

Take this quiz yourself, Moms! By the way is a great website for parents. Do check it out.

How Well Do You Know Your Child? (extracted from

09 Jan 2012

You may live under the same roof, but do you really understand junior? Take this quiz to find out. – by Nur’Ain Zainuddin 

  1. What is the name of your child’s best friend?
  2. What makes your child happy?
  3. What upsets your child?
  4. What is his favourite piece of clothing?
  5. He loves to watch…?
  6. Your child is currently reading ….?
  7. What accomplishment is he most proud of?
  8. What is your child’s biggest fear?
  9. What does your child like to do in his free time?
  10. What does your child want to be when he grows up?

If you scored:

0 to 3 – Hmm… it looks like you may need to spend a little more time bonding with your child. Start to get to know him using the list above! A simple tip: make use of meal times to find out what’s going on in his life (and not in front of the TV). Remember, communication is key.

4 to 6 – Not a bad score, and here’s how you can improve. Encourage your child to open up to you more through active listening – look at your child while he is sharing and re-phrase what he says; this shows that you are attentive. Also, what about some family games after dinner to reveal your playful and goofy side? Playing together creates shared memories and will help you get to know your child better.

7 to 10 – Wow! You sure know your kid well. Keep it up!


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4 Responses to How Well Do You Know Your Child?

  1. vgag says:

    My ‘child’ is 21, and I thought I knew her quite well. I scored 6. Some of the answers she wasn’t quite sure of herself, and she gave a range of possible answers, which sometimes included my answer. An interesting experiment–it led to quite a meaningful discussion!

  2. vgag says:

    Sorry, typo, I meant Mandopop.

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