Spy Myung Wol – Korean Drama

This romantic comedy has what seems like an incredulous story line at first but with North Korea in the picture, nothing is quite so unexpected, right?

Han Myung Wol is training for special force officer in the North Korea Army. Her role in North Korea was to go around arresting people who secretly watch Korean dramas, which is against the law there. The problem is, the high officers are often the ones breaking the rules. To get around this, the higher authorities decided that they should also have a super star like Kang Woo in North Korea. Even better, they would get Kang Woo to defect voluntarily to North Korea.

Thus Myung Wol is sent to South Korea to try to get Kang Woo to fall in love with her and marry her. The problem is, being in the military has made her lose touch with her feminine side. Two N Korean spies are thus engaged to be her fake parents in S Korea ato teach her the ways to seduce Kang Woo.

Kang Woo, being the superficial type, is attracted to her but does not see himself as being attached to someone of a lower status. To make it complicated, another N Korean spy, the handsome Choi Ryu, is sent there as Myung Wol’s superior, but is actually on another mission to retrieve an old map for rare earths. He falls in love with Myung Wol and arouses Kang Woo’s jealousy.

This drama made headlines during filming because the lead actress Han Ye Seul quit halfway, leaving everyone in a bind as the drama was already televised. But she returned and apologised to the whole crew after two weeks.

If you do watch the drama, notice the many ‘Angry Birds’ stuff toys displayed around Kang Woo’s and Myung Wol’s parents’ house. I was wondering if they had any significance.

I enjoyed this light comedy. The first and several episodes were filmed in Singapore (MBS and Orchard Road).





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