Germany Travel – Munich 16-18 December 2011

16 December 2011: I got up early, mostly because I was still suffering from jet lag, but also because the washing machine and dryer was on the whole night after our trip to Stuttgart. I had to get the laundry sorted out for our trip to Munich this morning. After doing the laundry, I made sandwiches, using up all the toast and hams in Sis’s fridge. Lunch would be sandwiches along the way. Our drive would be 4 hours and we needed to get to Munich in time for the big game that night – Munich versus Cologne.

By ten, we were all ready to get on the road. It was a wet morning. Frank was anxious about driving in wet condition. I said another prayer. Ivan, Nat and I would be travelling with him. Mike passed a walkie-talkie to Ivan for communication. (Thank you Destine for that present and that idea!)

We were on the Autobahn in no time and lost contact with the other car. The drive was non-eventful except the GPS took us on a short detour – a scenic drive through a small old village. Frank was muttering under his breadth with frustration. Nat and I didn’t mind. We enjoyed the scenic drive. At 1pm, Frank stopped at a rest stop for lunch and toilet break. Thanks to Nat, who had some spare shillings, I was able to enter the toilet. She was even clever enough to suggest we enter the turnstile together since she is a child.

As we continued our journey, we were surprised to hear Mike on the walkie. They were close by and we overtook them. They had not been on a detour and were faster.

Before long, we arrived Munich at 3.30pm. Again, the other (VW) GPS took them through a shorter route and their car was at the hotel in front of ours. (See my review on Sofitel Munich

That evening, the men/boys left for their game at the Allianz Arena. They would be sitting at the Cologne’s fan area and Frank had to remind the boys not to cheer for Bayern Munich.

After the game, there was a surprise fire work and laser display to mark a christmas break for the league.

While the boys were at the game, the women walked around the shopping district and had a quick meal at a small Chinese diner before proceeding back to rest.

At midnight, I was awakened by the men’s return. Aaron was suffering from ear ache and they had requested the hotel doctor. After twenty minutes, the doctor knocked at our door. He came in, saw me in bed and shook my hands, before asking who is the patient. That visit cost €250.

The next morning, we had to search for an Apotheke (Pharmacy) to buy some medicine for Aaron. Apotheke can be found all over Germany within walking distance. (Doctors do not dispense medicine, unlike Singapore.) After that, we stopped by a nice restaurant called Augustiner for lunch. It’s Saturday and most restaurants fill up quickly. All of us visitors from Singapore decided on having pork knuckles.

Not far from the restaurant, there was a Christmas market and a shopping belt. We walked around the city, peering into churches. I took the kids to a Toy Museum to avoid the cold. It was surprisingly interesting and nostalgic. After that, the kids and I decided to head back to the hotel to rest. Mike went around shooting, Mom and Ade went shopping, and Frank decided to try out the hotel gym.

That night for dinner, we walked to the same area and located a nice restaurant, Zum Franziskaner to eat. The menu again? Pork Knuckles, what else?

It was sinful but the consolation was, we walked 30 mins back to the hotel in freezing condition.

18 dec 2011: This morning, after breakfast in the hotel room, we rushed to the City Hall to catch the 11am chiming of the hall clock. At 11am, the clock’s music box started playing. The dolls at the window started dancing and rotating. It was a long performance, about 17 mins. The street that morning was quieter as the shops were all closed on Sunday.

 For lunch, Mike wanted to search for the restaurant he went to eleven years ago. I would be surprise if he managed to locate it. Instead, someone recommended another restaurant where a trio of Bavarian musicians provided some traditional music. Along the way, to our delight, it started snowing.

After lunch, we took a scenic walk to the Deutsches Museum – a museum for Science and Technology. We spent three hours there looking before walking back to the hotel to freshen up for our big dinner to celebrate Frank’s and Ade’s wedding anniversary.

The restaurant, Hofbrauhaus am Platzl, is a must-visit for all tourists. They do not allow reservation. On entering the cavernous hall, a booming brass band music greeted us. It was chaotic as Ade and I search for a table. At this juncture, I should add that the men had left with Mom to the other restaurant we went to at lunch as she had dropped her Omega watch there. After going round the restaurant twice, we spotted a group leaving and quickly stationed ourselves next to it as the group dressed. The location was just perfect, in full view of the band. The man returned soon after. The menu that night? Pork Knuckles – after all, it’s our last night in Munich. All around us, we see Koreans, Hong Konger, Taiwanese, Americans with their tour guides, all having a good time.

We had a good time too!

Next: Bavarian Forest.


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