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Hung Kang Teochew Restaurant CNY Dinner

I suggested to Mike that we should revisit Hung Kang Teochew Restaurant for his father’s birthday on the 4th day of CNY. They had four set menus for CNY – $468, $668, $888 and $1288. We like what was offered for $468 – authentic … Continue reading

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The 5 C’s for my sons

The pursuit of the five C’s begins as soon as one embarks on a career. Every Singaporean dreams and yearns for the 5 C’s – Cash, Credit Card, Car, Condominium and Country Club. It’s believed that once you have acquired the 5 … Continue reading

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Reunion Dinner

I was surprised when I learned there are many in Singapore who do not eat reunion dinners with their family. Coincidentally, and scary too, most involved families having three sons. A friend spent her annual reunion dinner with her godmother’s … Continue reading

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How Well Do You Know Your Child?

In the latest issue of Essential Parenting, there was a quiz that sounded quite interesting – how well do you know your child? The day before, I was just chatting with my friend and she lamented that she does not know her … Continue reading

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Spy Myung Wol – Korean Drama

This romantic comedy has what seems like an incredulous story line at first but with North Korea in the picture, nothing is quite so unexpected, right? Han Myung Wol is training for special force officer in the North Korea Army. Her role in … Continue reading

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In Time with You 我可能不會愛你 – Taiwanese Drama

I am very selective in my watching of Taiwanese Dramas. I tend to watch short idol dramas of about 20 episodes. Starhub has many but not every show manages to sustain my viewing – mainly because most have exaggerated acting, … Continue reading

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Bel Canto by Anne Patchett

(bel canto : A style of operatic singing characterized by full, even tones and a brilliant display of vocal technique) The author won the Orange prize for this book. After reading this book, I decided I should read all the … Continue reading

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