Ten things that was AWESOME in 2011.

Last Thursday, I attended Ajahn Brahm’s talk at the Buddhist Lodge. He was speaking on the topic of letting go of the past and embracing the future. He told the audience to throw away the past unhappiness and focus on what had worked and what was good. While listening to him, I tried to recall 2011 and I am happy to say, even without Ajahn Brahm’s advice, 2011 was a year of good stuff and I have trouble recollecting the bad. So, here’s a recap on the ten things that was good:

1) Aaron did exceptionally well for his PSLE and made me really proud. For a mother, that’s means everything.

2) I finally got to meet my singing doctor and got his autograph. Awesome!






3)  My relationship with Mike and the boys have been peaceful, considering it was major exam years for two boys. I kept my cool. (Although my relationship with my mother could be improved.)

4) I found a new author to read – Anne Patchett. You won’t know what that means unless you are a reader.

5) I have kept faithfully to my exercise regime – fitter, not necessarily slimmer though.

6) Great health this year.

7) Spent Christmas with my sister and family in Germany, including doing my piety duty by bringing my mother along.

8) Made new friends and found a paternal cousin from the estranged side of the family.

9) Saw my first shooting star and many more in a little village called Besigheim in Germany. Surreal experience.

10) Visited my old nanny, fulfilling our mutual wish of meeting again.





There are many more I can think of, – like receiving an unexpected gift from my celebrity DJ – but I don’t want to bore you. Make your own wish, crack your head if you have to. You’ll be glad you did, and discover that 2011 was quite a good year after all.


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