Sofitel Munich Bayerpost – a review

As I sit here in my hotel room at 9.45pm, the Bose sound system is tuned softly in the background to the classical channel, all this done quietly in the background by the ‘Invisible’ service staff of this hotel as they turned down the bed for us for the night. On my night stand, a gold-foiled heart shaped chocolate sits awaiting as my night cap. That’s the five-star service I missed for a long time.

Sofitel Munich sits in the former post office of Munich, much like the Fullerton Singapore now. The neo-classical facade masks the modern interior that awaits tired guests. Clad in dark wall panelling, the lobby hints at the interior design for the bedroom.

In our double room, a So Boutique booklet describes the furnishings, all available for sale at – ‘An irresistable combination of softness and support base, featherbed, duvet, pillows and a set of bed linens available in 200 and 400 threat count/inch2 100% percale cotton.’

A bottle of Evian is complementary in a city where a bottle of mineral water costs more than a glass of beer. A Nespresso machine with six capsules spoils the coffee drinker. If that’s not your stuff, in the canister, there are tea bags and instant coffee and a sachet of hot chocolate. Thus, we could have breakfast in the room if we manage to get some rolls or pretzels the night before.

In the toilet, privacy is compromised by just a sliding glass door with no lock. The boys did feel a little uneasy sharing the room with their grandmother at first. The shower and rain shower has enough pressure to give a rigorous spray on one’s tired muscles. Toiletries are aplenty – soap. shower gel and shampoo, cotton pads, q-tips, nail filers, and even a string of dental floss.

At Euro140 per night without breakfast, we thought the rate was a steal. The conceige is friendly and often passes us chocolates as he walks by.

With a gym and a pool, and a spa at the basement providing massages, this is truly a 5-star hotel that live up to its reputation.

I’ll be sorry to leave tomorrow but three nights is more than enough, don’t you agree?


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3 Responses to Sofitel Munich Bayerpost – a review

  1. Yue Kai says:

    hey Aunty Vicky, this post is very nicely written! 🙂 i thought it was an excerpt from a book!! 🙂

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