Emirate Sin-Dubai-Frankfurt

There were only two flights direct from Singapore to Frankfurt. One was SIA and the other Lufthansa. The price quoted for SIA was way above other airlines and my sister told me not to take Lufthansa – there is no personal entertainment system on board. Mike took Emirates recently to Sri Lanka and found it as good as SIA. The price was $500 lower than SIA, but there is an hour transit at Dubai Airport and three hours on the way back. Still, the deal sounded good.

Boarding was chaotic at Changi Airport. Even though we were told to board by zones, there was no check and thus there was a queue at the entrance to the plane.

The flight from Singapore to Dubai was uneventful. The seven-hour journey to Dubai passed pleasantly enough. The ICE entertainment started at ground, before flight commencement. There were not many new movies but I managed to catch Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris. There were Korean, Japanese and Chinese movies to choose from as well. The audio content was more limited. There were only English albums, many classical and operas, and four selection of audio books, one of which – Drawing Conclusions by Donna Leon – I managed to finished.

Drinks were served as soon as the flight level, accompanied by packet of biscuit sticks. The man next to Aaron had four bottles of Vodka. I was afraid he would soon be drunk. Meals were served soon after. We had a choice of chicken or fish – quite good – but the bread was stoned cold. (SIA served warm bread.)

The crew was friendly and kids were treated to welcome gifts. Aaron was given a toiletry bag of stuff toy and magazine for the first leg and a bag pack containing the same things for the second leg.

While we were at Dubai, Mike lost his boarding pass. The staff at the x-ray check in where he lost it did not bother when approached. The staff at the info counter at the departure lounge was no help too, directing us back to the x-ray check-in when we told them our problem. Luckily, the Emirates staff at the gate assured us that they would be able to print another one for Mike by just presenting our e-tickets, something the info staff could have just told us.

I can’t decide if its better to break our journey or to fly direct. While we were happy to land at Dubai, the thought of travelling another seven hours was quite daunting.

Sigh…I am just too old to travel that long a distance. But I would highly recommend Emirates, similar to SIA in many ways.



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One Response to Emirate Sin-Dubai-Frankfurt

  1. Roossy Tirta says:

    Thanks for the review, Vicky. I’ll consider Emirates’ when we need to go home…

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