Satisfying our food cravings now

Yesterday, I was telling Aaron that I’ll be sending my car in for service. He immediately caught on and replied, ‘That means we have to buy lunch from opposite (Wcega Building). I better eat my chicken rice cos’ I won’t get to eat it for the next three weeks.’ That was my thought exactly – better eat my mutton rendang or I can’t eat for the next few week.

This morning, after sending in my car, Mike and I stopped at the West Coast Market for breakfast. I love the mee siam there. Next to the mee siam is the Carrot Cake stall. Mike told me to pack some as well -the food we are going to miss while we are in Germany! I dislike buying carrot cake. I can never make up my mind if I prefer the black or the white. The man cooking asked me predictably, ‘Chili?’ I nodded. ‘Black or white?’ His arms never stopped moving as he maneuvered two ladles skillfully over two large pans. When I didn’t answer immediately, he paused his flying arms and turned to look at me, ‘Black or white?’ A man behind me ordered, ‘Black, chili, $3.’ I gave up thinking and said ‘Black’. Another man came up and ordered two packets. He hesitated, then said, ‘With eggs.’ The cook and I turned to look at him- Huh? Did he mean he wanted extra eggs? The cook patiently turned back to his wok, ‘Chili is it? Black or white?’ Sheepishly, that man replied, ‘Yes, chili. er…White.’

Mike joined me. He told me he bought duck wings too. I looked at him questioning- Duck wings in the morning? He smiled sheepishly too. ‘Better eat now or I’ll miss it when I go to Germany.’

Like we’ll all starve for the next three weeks.



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