Packing for A German Reunion

When my eldest son Andreas left for Beijing for a three-month exchange study, the airline he travelled on allowed only one piece of check-in which could not exceed 20kg. The airline was so strict that they were not even allowed to combine their baggage for a combined total weight.

I was told Lufthansa has now the same restriction. We have booked Emirates to Frankfurt and worry that our luggage would exceed the restriction, as we will be bringing Christmas gifts, food, winter clothes etc. Thank goodness my brother-in-law Frank made an impromptu business visit last week. Since he was travelling business class, we requested that he bring an extra empty suitcase to help defray our luggage weight. When he checked into his returned flight to Germany, he had in his luggage packets of Prima mixes, bee hoon, four extra pillows (vacuumed packed), and our Christmas presents for the family. My aunt packed a box of mango and mangosteen for the kids. Frank almost had a heart attack when he saw his luggage weight – 60kg! Luckily, except for the heart palpitation, he checked through without any trouble or extra cost.

I have not packed yet but I am also worried. My sister’s MPV can take only four luggage for the five of us. I have to pack Christmas presents for Andreas’ German godfather and his family, including his mother and grandmother who are joining us for dinner on one of the night. I also have another gift for my penpal, Elga, who just got married. Then there are the packets of instant noodles and cup noodles (essential for travel to Europe if you dislike bread), packets of tea and milo and two jars of kaya for Opa (Frank’s father-in-law). Today, my sister’s good friend just handed me a bag of presents for them.

OMG! I’m getting heart palpitation just writing this blog.


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