Brand’s Music Changes Lives 2011 Showcase – a review

Mike won eight tickets to this concert. With a title like this, we really had no idea what to expect. The Brand’s website was no help. Thus, our effort to give the extra tickets were not received enthusiatically. Even throwing in names like Wang Lee Hom could not persuade many to come. In the end, Mike managed to give away the tickets to ‘blur’ people who were too nice to say no to Mike and people who are too free (like me, Aaron and Ivan, and my Taiwan tour mates, S and her son.)

In March this year, Brand’s invited young Singaporeans able to play musical instruments to submit videos of their performance. The winners performed their debut concert for us that night. Credit must be given to the four winners who practised ‘many hours a day’. They were indeed an inspiration to the young people among us who play musical instruments.

Andy Chong performed on the electric guitar, Giam Yue Ling  on the violin, Spruce Teo on the saxophone and Michelle Soh on the piano. Special mentions must be made here that the male winners, Andy and Spruce, taught themselves to play their instruments and truly deserved the win.

After their solo, there was a special collaboration performance with the Singapore Idol winners : Andy with Jonathan Leong, Michelle and Yue Ling with Tabitha Nauser, and Spruce with Taufit Batisah. At least for the boys, watching familiar singers somehow compensated for their attendance.

Other than these Singaporeans, there was a special guest performance by Thailand’s heartthrob, Tor+, who modestly wondered aloud that ‘he has fans here?’ If he hasn’t, after that night, he would have. His piano rendition of 月亮代表我的心 was simply awesome – traditionally familiar, yet jazzy and dramatic at times. I am now a fan!

The last performance was the one almost everyone in the theatre was waiting for. Wang Lee Hom performed three songs to minus music. I have never heard him sang and thought his voice too throaty for my liking. Alas, our free seats were at the circle three-storey-high and I couldn’t ogle at his good looks.

The two hours concert ended with prize giving and the people on stage toasted to Brand’s essence chicken. The audience was not forgotten too, as every ticket holder left the theatre with goodie bags of, what else, two bottles of Brand’s Essence of Chicken, of course!

I must say on behalf of everyone, we all enjoyed the concert (see what happens if we have an open mind and no expectation!). Hopefully the kids with us, who all play musical instruments, would be inspired to practise ‘a few hours a day’ too after watching the concert.


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4 Responses to Brand’s Music Changes Lives 2011 Showcase – a review

  1. mystery225 says:

    hmm..actually I thought it was giam yue ling on the violin and michelle soh on the piano?

  2. Spruce says:

    Thanks for the kind mention!


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