The Greatest Love Korean Drama

This is truly one of the BEST romantic comedy I have ever watched… after City Hall, starring the same leading man Cha Seung Won.

Starhub 855 is currently showing it but I’m not a subscriber to this channel. Paying $8/month for two episodes per week is too much money, so I went to the shop last month to purchase the DVD. It was $49.90 – still too expensive for 16 episodes, even if I were to divide among all my girlfriends and aunts who would want to borrow. Watching it on Funshion was an option I was not every comfortable with – yes, sitting at my desk watching the drama is just too uncomfortable.

A week after I walked into that shop, I went to another shop and was told the DVD was sold out. HUH? That spurred me to get the DVD regardless of the cost. Last week, while shopping at Clementi Mall, that same shop I first went into had a 50% discount on this show. I grabbed it without much consideration.

I told all my friends and they were joyous. Three days after my purchase of the DVD, Aunt E called. ‘Have you finished the DVD?’ She had just watched ep 1 and 2 on Starhub 855 and couldn’t wait any longer. By then, I was already on ep7, a huge achievement. ‘Who did she end up with?’ Aunt persisted.

Yep! The Greatest Love IS the Greatest Love drama ever watched on TV. Cha Seung Won is cockily funny one can’t help liking him. As Dokgu Jin, he is the narcissistic Korean leading man much loved by the whole of Korea and internationally. His face is plastered on every available commercial product – from water  bottle to shampoo bottle to phones. In contrast, Koo Ae Jeong is the passe star, still hated by the media for breaking up singing girl group National Treasure ten years ago.

Falling in love with Ae Jeong would seriously ruin Dokgu Jin’s reputation and star status but his heart pounds faster whenever he hears the song ‘Heartbeat’ in Ae Jeong’s ringtone, made famous by National Treasure. The problem is, his artificial heart must be maintained at 60-90 beats/min. The only reason his heart is beating faster is either it is broken or he is in love with Ae Jeong, which is impossible.

There are just so many laugh out loud moments while watching the drama that credit must be given to the script writers for coming out with such hilarious lines, uttered in seriousness by Dokgu Jin.

When Dokgu Jin announced his love for Ae Jeong on national TV during prime time (how romantic can that be – to have the leading man declaring his love for you, a nobody?), the whole Korea reacted in shock. Internet buzzes with comments like ‘appalling’ and ‘shocking’ which Dokgu Jin explains that it’s all expected, since he is such a big star and his pride would be hurt otherwise. Another internet comment had him jumping up his seats: ‘Dokgu Jin must be hiding his manly malfunction by doing this.’ ‘Refute the post immediately!’ He urges Ae Jeong.

A romantic watching this will sigh with a smile at every episode: He posts the most comments anonymously on her TV show to win a cap from her. He secretly bids for her sneakers an on internet charity auction and puts it on for her in front of the media. The man with the ‘broken heart’ (literally) holds tightly to his love, ‘I need a charge’, he tells her. sigh… 

He tells the country, ‘Koo Ae Jeong is my greatest love.’

This show is my greatest love.

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