War of the Roses Korean Drama 玫瑰的战争

At 102 episodes and in Chinese subtitles, it’s not exactly my usual choice but this drama caught my attention from the first episode and I couldn’t not follow through. Its realistic storyline and believable dialogues make the time investment worthwhile. The plot is exciting and there is not one dull episode.

Hae Joo and Dae Sung are highschool sweethearts and married soon after graduation. As parents of two teenagers, they have the usual parenting problems with computers and schoolwork, bored marriage and stagnant life. Hae Joo dreams of being a writer and resents being a housewife. Her friends complaint of marriage infidelity but she is confident no woman would take a second look at her husband, even challenging him to have an affair. Unfortunately, the worst comes true when she discovers that her husband is having an affair with a young woman, Yoo Mi, at work. Devastated, she ponders if she should confront her husband. Her friends dissuade her. After all, why risk a divorce when she is living a comfortable life now? Better to just ignore and hope it’ll go away.

Meanwhile, Hae Joo is tasked by her friend to write the biography of an eccentric owner of a computer game company, Hwang Dong Tak. Yoo Mi forces Dae Sung to marry her by faking a pregnancy in order to inherit her father’s wealth. Through the breakout of her marriage, Dong Tak supports Hae Joo and they fall in love. When Dae Sung realises that he was fooled by Yoo Mi, he tries to reconcile with Hae Joo but she accepts Dong Tak’s proposal instead. Typical of Asian society, the woman gets the blame and she is criticized for being selfish to break up her family.

The drama also typifies the Asian family where the women is expected to do everything in the house and the men wait to be served. Hae Joo’s father bullies his wife until she decides to leave home but returns home when he is ill. Touched, he changes to become a considerate husband.

Similarly, Hae Joo calls off her wedding when she learns that Dae Sung has cancer. She sacrifices herself to nurse her ex husband back to health as she does not want her children to be fatherless.

Despite his flaws, Dae Sung is very lovable as a filial son to his widowed mother, a loving father and husband. One can’t help feeling sorry for Dong Tak though when Hae Joo decides to return to Dae Sung. To the Koreans, the family is the centre of bliss.

If you can, watch the series on Funshion. You’ll enjoy it too.


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