Meeting 苏心荃

I was supposed to write a review of the musical 记得说再见this morning but decided I have to gush about my meeting with Dr Alex Su 苏心荃 instead. I am a fan of this singing psychiatrist ever since I heard him sang on 重逢8演唱会 about two years ago and have tried to catch his performance whenever possible. The primary reason for watching the musical last night was also to catch his performance, and it was a disappointing short one-song act until we met at the car park after the show.

I should start at the beginning.

Aaron telephoned to order his favourite chicken wings from Makan Sutra during half-time. I was reluctant, as he is on a diet and we would be late home, way past his bedtime. But I did not have the energy to argue with him as I was still recovering from a bad cold. After the show, I sent Mike to buy the wings while my friend P and I waited at the lobby. Mike returned in a rush. He had spotted the producer of the musical coming out and suspected the Dr Su would be closed by.

‘Why didn’t you wait by the entrance just in case you can meet 苏心荃?’ He asked.

The thought did not cross my mind. (I am not a worthy fan to have.)

Mike rushed down the escalator and into the car park. There, storing his jacket in the boot was my singing doctor. Mike and P rushed forward, hurrying me as they saw him getting into his sport car. I froze and told them I couldn’t approach him but they ignored me.

‘Dr Su, can we have your autograph?’ P and Mike said in unison.

In P’s words, Dr Su must be shocked to see three nearing half-century old (年近半百) fans chasing after him, but he gracefully obliged.

I fumbled into my handbag for the CD and a pan. Dr Su struggled with the pan and carefully wrote his name.

P whipped out her camera and started snapping. I was star-struck. She then requested for a photo.

I couldn’t speak the whole time. After she took the photo for us, P also wanted a photo as she told Dr Su she has never taken one with a celebrity 名人before.

As P handed her camera to me, she went ahead to stand next to Dr Su, telling him, ‘不需要担心, 我没有神精病.’ (Don’t worry, I am not insane.)

Dr Su, in a straight face replied so softly I couldn’t catch, ‘我们所有的人都会有一点神精病.’ (We are all a little insane at times.)

He was right of course, for there he was in the company of three momentarily insane people.



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5 Responses to Meeting 苏心荃

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Hi, may I know where I can get updates on Dr Su’s performance?

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  3. Li Wee says:

    Hi, I chanced upon your blog while surfing for Dr Su’s performance and also found his CD at Bras Basah. Thank you so much for sharing.

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