Clearing Junks and Finding History

It all started with a missing SIM card. A friend is leaving for Taiwan for a short vacation and wanted some information from me. I promised to pass her all my Taiwan brochures and then I remembered I have a partially used SIM card for her as well. But where did i put it? I tried to recall all the places I could have kept the little card but while snippets of me keeping it flashed through my memory, nothing was concrete enough to leave me clues.

So, for the last two days, I decided to look through all my drawers and ended up doing a spring cleaning. After all, I figured, I don’t really have much personal storage space and I was confident of locating the elusive SIM card. After cleaning out my two bedside drawers, three chest of vanity drawers, two PC desk drawers and three book shelf drawers, I found history.

Deep in one corner of a drawer are my old passports and POSB bank books. I wanted to throw them but Mike said I better keep it. (Whatever for?)

I must have been seven or eight years old here in this passport. In the middle of the book is another updated photo, probably 16 years old.

Then I found a stack of my primary school report cards. These are very precious as proof if you want to register your child in your alma mata. I was told my friend’s child was rejected as she did not have the complete set of P1-P6 report cards. I am just as relief my parents did not put me in my mother’s alma mata SCGS or my three sons would not have the opportunity of going to Nanyang Primary school.

As you can see, I studied Geography and History in primary school. I was not a good student in primary school and my attempt to be transferred to SCGS after my PSLE was rejected by SCGS. And so I stayed back at Nanyang, which was just as well, as the days at Nanyang Girls High were the best years of my life. My late teacher once told us that the student days are golden years and I repeated that to my A’level son Ivan. Like me eons ago, he disagreed. Actually I disagree too now. I wouldn’t like to go back to mugging for O and A’levels again.

In another obscure corner, I found Mike and my NUS matriculation cards.

I cannot believe how terrible I looked, almost like a criminal mug shot. The cards then were all laminated.

Among all these, Mike also found his National Library card, which has a pocket to store the borrow chits. He proudly showed me his SBS bus card too. I think his history goes back longer than mine as he has so much more junks. He even found a harmonica which he doesn’t know how to play.

We had a tiring time clearing all the drawers. I can’t believe the amount of clutter I had accumulated over the years. I still cannot find my Taiwan SIM card but the effort in trying to locate it was fruitful, wouldn’t you say?


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2 Responses to Clearing Junks and Finding History

  1. Roossy Tirta says:

    I think Mike’s idea to keep the old passport and the other documents are a good idea.Those documents are parts of your family history that your sons can show to their children in the future.

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