Highland Fling by Katie Fforde

This romantic novel is a breeze to read – light and fast paced. It reminded me of the Mills and Boon romances I read as a teenager, except that other than a brief meeting in the beginning, the love couple do not meet again until page 100. For a romantic novel fan, that is slow development. In fact, I wouldn’t count this as a romantic fiction despite the ‘heart’ genre given by NLB. The love does not develop until right at the end. Instead, the reader is put through the agonizing torture of reading how the protagonist has to single-handedly save a Scottish mill from being taken over.

The story revolves around Jenny Potter, a ‘Virtual Assistant’ or PA who works via internet, never knowing who her bosses are. She is sent by her virtual boss to sort out a failing mill and in the process, gets personally involved with the people at the mill such that she feels she has to save the mill so as not to put these people out of work and owner of the mill out of her home. Unknown to her, she gets attracted to a man whom she later discovers to be her boss. To hide her attraction to her boss, she acts defensively and reacts nastily to him, but is always constantly aware of his presence. Like the M&B of eons, the mutual attraction is not revealed until the ending. The setting of this love affair is in the hills of Scotland, something that was unfortunately lightly touched on. To spice up the story into this century, there is one cursory sex scene but nothing at all explicit. The most one get is kissing, and nothing passionate, but done in anger to ‘shut her up’. Sounds familiar huh? Still, there was the familiar skipping of my heart when he finally declares his love for her. That’s seals the deal for me.

I have borrowed some other titles from the same author. I hope the others have better development.


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