Taiwan Tour 2011 – Hotels Review

I met Bee for her birthday lunch yesterday. Among the many topics gossiped and discussed were the great hotels provided by Neway Tours. Bee is thinking of bringing her family to Taiwan in December. She is no stranger to 5* hotel rooms, since she travels regionally once a month. I bragged about my hotels, especially the nice bathrooms.

‘All had rain showers, although I didn’t find anything particular about them. What is so special about rain showers? What I like about Taiwan is the water pressure in the shower. Strong and powerful at all the hotels, unlike the hotels I stayed in before in China, HK and Malaysia, where I can’t even wash my hair. Perhaps it’s because of the 5* status?’ I asked her.

She replied, ‘I agree there’s nothing special about rain shower. Nonsense about 5* and shower pressure. I paid US$200 for my hotel room in India and the trickle of water from the shower? My urine flow has more power.’

We laughed at that comparison.

Of the 8 days I spent in Taiwan, I stayed in six different hotels. They were all claimed to be 5*, either local or international.

In Taipei, I stayed in the local hotel chain Fullon Hotel. I was impressed by it.

The room was modern, the breakfast buffet delicious.

The next hotel was the best in my whole trip. Evergreen Resort is a hot spring spa resort. There was a welcome drink stand and two mascot greeted us on arrival. There was a welcome fruit platter in our room, and the cans of soft drinks and bottles of soya bean milk in the fridge are all free. In the evening, there is free entertainment show and lucky draw. After the show, guests  can fill up on porridge buffet for supper at 10pm.

There is a granite ‘pool’ in the bathroom where one can fill up with spring water. And the toiletries are French branded. (I forgot which brand.) There is also a thermometer alarm in the shape of a frog, just as a precaution in case the water gets too hot for the guests.

The next hotel, Luminous Resort, is also a spa hotel in Taitung (Photo 5 & 6). Not as posh as Evergreen but I have no complaint, especially when there are two king-size bed in my upgraded room.

At Kaoshiung, we stayed at the international 5* Crowne Plaza.

After four consecutive great hotels, it’s only inevitable the next one disappoints a little. The first room shown to us at  Shinkensen Hotel(no photos) in Taichung had a stale cigarette smell. We were shown another four rooms before we were satisfied.

The last hotel we stayed in was Chateau de Chine at Taipei. (Last two photos) The welcome fruit was a nice touch and two cans of soft drinks in the fridge were free too.

At S$1188 for 8D7N, just the hotels alone was worth the price.

My next blog would be about the food in Taiwan!


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2 Responses to Taiwan Tour 2011 – Hotels Review

  1. Kate Liang says:

    May i asked if you find Neway tour agency good for taiwan tours? i’m considering to book a package to taiwan with them but hesitating cos it’s so hard to find a review about their services online. Sigh! I will be very grateful if you could share your experience with them:)


    • vickychong says:

      I enjoyed my trip with Neway. The hotels we were given were top class and huge. The round island tour was manageable and not too tiring. Our meals were also good. Do note we travelled during low season Oct. We heard another group who went in Dec did not get as good hotels though. For the price I paid, I thought it was worth it.

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