Abercrombie & Fitch’s poster

I am now watching the Korean drama War of the Roses. In the beginning episodes, bored housewife Lee Hae Joo commented to a friend that while she used to be attracted to actors on tv with handsome faces, nowadays she found herself looking at their bodies instead. Her friend remarked that she has officially become an ajumma! I laughed when I watched that episode. How true. Nowadays I find myself checking out the Korean actor’s body and not really paying attention to their looks, although actor Oh Ji Ho has both body and looks. It’s common for Korean actors with great body to have shots of them taking a shower or stripping off their tops for ajummas to gawk at.

You must have read the news report on the Abercrombie & Fitch’s advertisement poster along Orchard Road recently.

There were calls of indecency and the advertising authority Asas has called for the removal of the poster. I don’t know the demographic of those calling for the removal but we ajummas are apparently not one of them.

On ‘The New Paper on Sunday’ today, a journalist took the posters to the heartland aunties to gauge their reaction. One Madam Tan Chien Ngo, 46 and a mother of three teenage girls responded: ‘Aiyoh, so wasted. They should have pulled the jeans down further.’ She even tried to take a ‘peek down there’. She asked the journalist for the colour print-out which she promptly put up on the wall of her stall in the market. ‘My dear husband’s body is not like that. So, I might as well admire this model’s. Who knows, I may attract more customers to my stall.’ Haha, my sentiments exactly. I want a pin-up too!

Others were amused by the negative attention. ‘Which part of the male anatomy has been exposed?’ asked another. She actually teased her husband how come his body doesn’t look that delicious.

Most of the 55 polled were puzzled: Why the fuss over a man’s naked torso – even if it is plastered on the busiest shopping stretch on the island.

TV actress Cynthia Koh tweeted, ‘Nice body what. What’s wrong…Ahhh if it’s boobs and cleavage then it is ok is it?’

In advertising, no publicity is bad, and this hoo-ha has made even heartland aunties more aware of this brand. Personally, Abercrombie & Fitch is a mouthful for a brand and aunty like me would not have remembered the brand. I might even have walked past the poster and not even noticed it if not for this news report. But now that I know, I might just go down and take a photo with it, posing with my hands on the waistband of the jeans as if I am pulling it down, like what the girls in the newspaper report are doing!


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