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If My Life is a Prose…

In a recent article in the NY Times, David Brooks asked about the Reflections on your life: Prose or Poem?  ( He said that ‘we have few formal moments of self-appraisal in our culture. Occasionally, on a big birthday people … Continue reading

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Taiwan Tour 2011 – Hotels Review

I met Bee for her birthday lunch yesterday. Among the many topics gossiped and discussed were the great hotels provided by Neway Tours. Bee is thinking of bringing her family to Taiwan in December. She is no stranger to 5* … Continue reading

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靜思語Jing Si Aphorisms by Master Cheng Yen

In a hotel in Taiwan last week, while packing up to leave, I happened to open the bedside drawer and chanced upon a copy of the Bible and a Buddhist book. I picked up the Buddhist book and flipped through, … Continue reading

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Taiwan Tour 15-22 Oct 2011

I have been planning to go away during the PSLE 4-day marking period since Aaron was in primary one – that’s 5 years ago. It’s the best time to see the red foliage of the autumn scene and to enjoy … Continue reading

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The Book Lover’s Tale by Ivo Stourton

It took me the whole of my 8 days Taiwan tour to finish this book. A celebrity recommended this book in Sunday Times, praising the author for the lovely use of words. I thought, as a would-be writer, I should … Continue reading

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Dick Lee- The Adventures of the Mad Chinaman Encore

Last night, Dick Lee invited us to his ‘home’ at the DBS Arts Centre. A charming host he was, as he detailed how his home furniture was by Cellini, lights by Lightcraft and aircon by Mitsubishi Electric. The centrepiece was a white … Continue reading

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Family Ties

Andreas, my eldest son, left for Beijing on Sunday for a three-month immersion program. We had missed the weekly Saturday night dinner with Mike’s family a few days before because Mike had something on. So to let Andreas have a chance … Continue reading

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