That Idiot!

Yesterday, we drove out to our usual Fei Siong Coffee Shop for breakfast. We spotted a parking lot near our venue, but the dark blue BMW behind has its bonnet eating into the parallel parking lot in front. With great difficulty, Mike managed to manoeuvre our picnic into the lot but our tail end was almost kissing the BMW.

As I left the car, I commented to Aaron and Ivan, ‘See how the idiot BMW is parked?’

A man, sitting with his wife and daughter turned to me and asked me to repeat what I’d just said. I knew immediately he was the driver and repeated what I just said. He told me he was the owner of the car and demanded to know why I had called him an idiot. I replied I didn’t call him that, I called the car. And if he were me, he would have done the same if a car has taken up two parking lots. The wife immediately jumped to his defence. She said, ‘You do not know the situation. There was a car parked behind us just now and we had no choice.’

I apologised for calling him an idiot but he was not finished. Instead, he said I should have been more gracious instead of calling him an idiot.

Mike joined me as I was telling the man that I had just apologised. What else did he expect me to do? He said, okay, then I accept.

We left.

Now, pray readers, please tell me who is the more ungracious one. His BMW had encroached into another parking space, and he had made no move to shift his car when the car behind him left. He did not apologise for having taken up more than one lot. Yet, he asked if I couldn’t have used a more gracious word other than an idiot?

OK. You are a selfish, self-centered,egoistic idiot who admitted to being one when you didn’t have to. There!


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