Brooms and Mops Theory

In case you find the title weird, I couldn’t think of a better one so early this morning. Anyway, there is a Chinese, or more specifically Teochew saying that if you store your mops and brooms at the same place, things will happen at the same time, regardless of good or bad things.

Mike told me that the day he was drilling a bar for me to hang my brooms and mops. I have three mops, 2 brooms, 1 roman mop and one scrub. Why so many mops? Because like pillows, you never know if the mop is good until you use it (yes, those special mops that used to be selling on TV Media, except now they are sold at the market by illegal hawkers).

Mike gets annoyed with me whenever I packed a whole day of activities. Why must it be so rush, he’d grumble and I would blame the brooms and mops theory.

Like today. My day started at 5.30am and will probably end at 2am. Everything just happened and I can’t extract myself from any. After yoga, the ajummas have planned an annual Teacher’s Day celebration at my yoga teacher’s house. They will be showcasing their culinary skill. I am bringing fried bee hoon cooked by mom’s maid. I have to leave the party at noon so that I can meet Mike, send Andreas to the skin doctor (totally forgot) and rush off to NATAS fair at the other end of the island to book our October tour.

At four, I need to rush home, pick Aaron for his appointment with the optomologist at SNEC, and also pick mom up after her eye operation.

I have a breather in the evening before picking up my guests from the airport at half past midnight.

Just typing all this takes my breath away.

Thank goodness this doesn’t happen too often. That’s why my brooms and mops are still stored together.


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