Ajummas like OneTV

Since the introduction of SBS’s OneTV on Starhub channel 823, I now have four Korean dramas to watch at 9 pm (including KBS 115, TVN 824, 825. If I really wanted to, the dramas start at 7pm.) I told Mike, with so many choices, I have a problem. I don’t know which one to watch, and kept flipping between the channels, and at the end don’t know what is happening to the plots of any. He gently reminded me that I have lots of ‘projects’ still waiting for me to complete instead of watching so much TV. I stared blankly at him for a moment. ‘What projects?’

He patiently listed – your half painted wood pieces are still lying around, your half knotted floor mats, your granny’s biography, and the newest, sewing the cushion insert covers which I have purchased the material two months ago.

I was annoyed. ‘Who’s keeping track? These are hobbies. Not meant to add on to my stress.’

I went to yoga last Friday and my yoga mates were discussing the Korean drama City Hunter, followed by You Don’t Know Women at 10pm after City hunter. I joined in eagerly. The Malay ajumma in my class subscribes to the Malay version on One TV and loves City Hunter.

Why? So much violence. That’s why I don’t like it.

‘I love Ku Jun Pyo!’

‘You mean from Boys Over Flower’s Lee Min Ho?’

She is just like me. With so many choices, She chooses the dramas according to how attractive and good-looking the male leads are. That can be very misleading though. Remember City Hall?

Cha Seung Won looks really weird at first glance but I fell in love with him at the end of the series.

I am also watching You Don’t Know Women (One TV at 10.20pm with repeats the next day) for the male lead Go Se Won.

The problem with this long-winded drama is that it has 109 episodes which is testing my patience. Just when you think the series is ending after the lovers overcome all the obstacles and disapproval to get married, she gets into a car accident at episode 83. Some kind soul actual reproduced the script for the full series in http://dramatomy.com/2011/04/women-episode-90-94/ and I read that she’ll even get cancer later on.

One good thing about watching One TV though – my reading of Chinese has improved since it only provides Chinese subtitles (or Malay subtitles if you subscribe to the Malay version).




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