Triple Three @ Maritus Mandarin

Last August 2010, we had the privilege of dining there to celebrate Ivan’s birthday as those born in the year 1965 qualifies for a 45% discount in view of Singapore’s 45th National Day celebration. This year, the offer was better. As a OCBC card member, we are offered 1-for-1 dining. Since we had enjoyed the food so much last year, I decided to make use of the good deal for mom and Ivan’s birthdays. (Actually even with that offer, the price for 8pax came up to S$555. truly extravagant, but we had two birthdays to celebrate.)

The first stop everyone goes to at any buffet is the sashimi counter. With unlimited servings of tuna, yellow tail, octopus, salmon and swordfish, we can just eat our worth of sashimi value.

Of course, there are also sushis if you prefer your fish with rice.

The Japanese counters are numerous. There is a tapanyaki counter serving beef, prawns and beans sprout. The beef was tender, prawns succulent and beans sprout crunchy. Across the next room is the tampura counter, served with miso soup, cold noodles and chawanmushi. But I digress. I have not finished with the appetizers yet.

The appetizer counter opposite the sashimi counter has the freshest of crabs, flower crabs, oyster, clams and prawns, served with an array of sauces and mixes for your enjoyment.

Next to this cold counter is the salad bar. I love the crisp romaine and rockets, hardly seen in lesser salad bars. There are also pre-marinated cold appetizers like tanghoon salad, chicken salad etc. The best accompaniment for the salad? Lobster Bisque!

Of course, if western soup is too creamy, then you may like the black chicken double-boiled soup.

Now for the warm food. There are local dishes like satay, Indian briani, pratas, and even roasted duck. But why waste your stomach space for these? Try the Wagyu roast beef instead for the value of the buffet. For carbo, there are the seafood paella and Italian pastas. The boys tried different pastas, cooked instantly by the chef there and then.

Now if you have room, there is the dessert bar and ice cream counter. I decided to forgo the cheese cakes, tiramisu, bread pudding, chocolate mousse and assortments of kuehs, and instead headed for the ice creams. The green tea ice cream was delicious and creamy. I need to get accustomed to the taste of pistachio ice-cream and I didn’t like the vanilla ice-cream. I took a tiny scoop of pomelo sherbert from my sis-in-law…mmm…cool and refreshing to the palate. Mike went for the crackers and selection of cheese. I watched him eat with admiration…My two-year-old nephew Sebby loves the aloe-vera ice jelly drink.

By the time the waitress served the two huge slices of hazel nut cake (retailed at S$9.00++each), complimentary for the birthday people, all of us couldn’t eat even a single bite.

Did we enjoy ourselves? I think the answer is a resounding yes. There is a glutton in all of us.






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  1. Wally Thor says:

    munching cheesecakes is my hobby, i really love eating it..

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