I am trying to remember this word.

Syringoma are sweat bumps – sweat glands that have enlarged and protruded out of the skin. They largely appear around my eye area. According to what I have read, these appear on the lower eyelids in puberty and gradually increase in size and number. Usually hereditary, they can only be removed with laser and radiofrequency treatment.

I had these removed once, about ten years ago, and I was warned by the nice Professor Giam at the Singapore Skin Centre that it would return. Unknown to me, these bumps are actually rather common. After hearing what I did, my ex-neighbour got hold of Prof Giam’s contact and did the same procedure. Recently while my sister was back, I heard she has it removed yearly at her dermatologist.

So isn’t it worrying that wherever I go for facial, I am told by the therapists that I have ‘milia seeds’ – oil seeds that are yellowish pimple-like, or skin tags – greyish, flat wart like bumps which the therapists claimed she could remove via some procedure? And for $100 per bump? I tell her I rather see my dermatologist Prof Giam at the Skin Centre for less than what was quoted. They were quite surprised to hear that my bumps are due to sweat glands. Next time, I should impress them by using  the term ‘Syringoma.’

On this coming Wednesday, I shall be undergoing the procedure again. It’s rather scary. I’m told there would be a burning smell. It’ll not be done by Prof Giam, but at least it’ll be done by a doctor.


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  1. Deb says:

    Hi Vicky,

    I just stumbled across this post after searching for info about syringoma. I’ve also just been diagnosed with it and it is quite distressing! Can I ask what kind of treatment you are getting for them? I had CO2 laser for mine at a very reputable dermatologist but they grew back instantly and are now still red – i think it may have even made them worse. I’d like to hear about how your treatment is going and what it is exactly – any info would be greatly appreciated!

    thanks heaps,


    • vickychong says:

      Hi Deb,
      This is my second time removing syringoma. This is an overactive growth of sweat glands and if left untreated, appears as large lumps on my skin. I did an electrosurgery whereby the bumps/lumps were burnt off one by one. There were brusing around my eyes after that, and dark scaps appears appeared after a few days which dropped drop off. I was given saline water to clean and antibiotic ointment to apply for a few days. After the scaps dropped off, there are now some fine red dots which I believe will eventually heal. I am due for a review in September. I did my surgery at the Singapore Skin Centre.

  2. LC says:

    Hi Vicky,
    may I know the medical bill to treat the syringoma in Singapore Skin Center? My daughter is having these bumps since 2 years ago and they are getting more on her face recently. Do they leave any scars on your face after the electrosurgery ? Is the treatment painful? I have been trying to search for a better cure for this skin problem. Hope you can help.

    Thanks & regards,

    • vickychong says:

      Hi LC,
      This is the second time I am having this treated at National Skin Centre. My bill came to about $350 (exclude pharmacy bill) but this bills also depend on the senoirity of the doctor. There were some scabs after treatment but they disappear after 6 weeks with the use of Ratinol. The first time I had an anesthetic injection. This time round we use a anesthetic cream. The pain was bearable, as painful as facial extraction if you ever had one. I am going back for a reconsultation in January and may need to do a second treatment as it’s difficult to remove all in one treatment mine was quite severe. Hope this helps.

  3. tenglai says:

    Hi Vicky,
    I have syringoma as well, and I’m excited to know abt the treatment u did at NSC.
    I have the condition since i was only a kid (!) and I had a treatment in one of those beauty parlors when i was abt 14. I think what they did basically was to burn off the skin bumps with a needle-like thing, they applied anesthetic cream prior the “surgery” and it burned me like hell! lol
    Anyway scabs were formed and they took quite a long period to recover, no antibotic cream was applied afterwards. However once it healed, there were actually light scars formed around my eye area and I left the condition as it is until now.
    The syringoma, which I always thought it was milia seeds, came back and it’s slowly spreading. But I dread to do what I did b4 in the beauty parlor, cos the pain was just too intense. Weeks ago I chanced upon a dermatologist, who told me that the bumps ard my eye area is actually known as syringoma and he said he can help me get rid of it. But he said, we should just try out one of it 1st to see the effect and the healing. So I did it, this time under local anesthetic (thank god!) and there wasn’t any pain at all. He used laser on me but I’m not sure if it’s electrosurgery. Anyway it’s been a week now and the scab has fallen, the wound still looks reddish but it doesn’t hurt.
    He’s a very nice doc, told me to look for him again when I want to do the rest of the treatment. I would definitely love to, just that his charges are a bit high, now that I know u paid $350 for ur treatment at NSC (he quoted me $1500).
    So I’m doing a research now, trying to see which other dermatologists charge at a lower price. If u dun mind me asking – was ur treatment at NSC good? How was ur recovery, any complications? How bad was ur condition of syringoma b4 treatment? Cos I thot $350 for the laser treatment was really low when u compare to mine which is $1500, I have quite a bad condition, a lot of skin bumps.

    Thanks for ur patience for reading all this! Hope to hear from u soon 🙂


    • vickychong says:

      Hi Tenglai,

      My condition was noticable and looks like lumps below my eyes. This was my second time emoving it. The first time was about 10 years ago and was done by a Professor at NSC. This time I wanted any NSC doctor to save cost. I did it twice over 2 months period, as there were too many bumps for one time removal. My facial spa also offered to do unlimited for a year at a specific cost but I declined. At NSC, they prescribed antibiotics to prevent infection, something the beautician can’t do. Anyway, better let the professional do the job tahn any ‘kuching kurat’ people.


      • kas says:

        so vicky how much would you say it has improved?

      • vickychong says:

        90% gone but more importantly, removal prevents the bumps from joining up to form bigger ones, which are harder to remove.

      • Tenglai says:

        Hi Vicky,

        for ur treatment at NSC, the doc used electrocautery ya? Besides burning off the top layer, did they actually help u to remove the lump that’s underneath ur skin?


      • vickychong says:

        Hi, I think mine is called electrosurgery, based on the brochure given. They burned right into the lumps, not just surface.

  4. kas says:

    90% sounds like a good result. Was it done with electrosurgery? Also do you think the treatment needs to be done on all of them several times to see a good improvement? Thanks for the info

    • vickychong says:

      Yes, it’s done by Electrosurgery. I am afraid I can’t comment on whether it should be done several times or not. I did because my is a recurring case and affected my ‘beauty’.

  5. Yvonne says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience on syringoma over www. I was diagnosed of this by a dermatologist & hesitant to do it or not. Appreciate if you could help reply some questions on my mind. Is scarring obvious & need constant makeup thereafter? How long is your downtime after procedure? Mind if I ask your second visit to NSC, was it a consultant level? Thanks..

    • vickychong says:

      Hi. Do expect some redness and scabs a few days after the surgery. (No scarring) Generally there is no downtime other than on the day of the surgery when there is some redness and puffiness. I have done it three times, first time was with Prof Ngiam 10 years ago. The recent time I did with a doctor, not consultant (Dr Lim Yen Loo). It really depends on how serious your condition is. Mine was serious around the eye (larger lumps). I know of many spas who also offer but I think it’s better with a doctor as they can prescribe an antibiotic cream to prevent infection. I was back to normal after about 10 days.

      • Yvonne says:

        Thanks much for the reply. Mine is on the eye area as well & quite a patch. Besides the antibiotics, does the doctor allows some makeup to conceal after scrabs dropped off?
        My doctor advised a 3 weeks downtime but I couldn’t have this luxury due to work commitment.

      • vickychong says:

        Once the scabs are off, you are basically healed, so make up would not be a problem. The problem may be makeup during the healing process, as the antibiotic cream is oily,

  6. Lynda says:

    Hi Vicky, thanks for posting about your syringoma. I also suffer from them too… Very badly on both upper AND lower eyelids!! Can I ask about your procedure at the National Skin Centre? I thought they will offer laser surgery for syringoma removal, how come you did electro cautery instead? Also, since you need two treatments to remove them, how long was the waiting period between each surgery? Thanks for your patience..


    • vickychong says:

      Hi Lynda,

      From what I know, syringoma is actually quite common amongst women and the treatment is the same whether it’s in private dermatologist or Skin Centre. My sister had hers done at her dermatogist at Paragon. The procedure electrosurgery may be mistaken with laser, but my surgery involves burning off the excess meat by electric. I can’t remember how long I waited in between, probably 6 weeks, for the surgery appointment after the post consultation one month after first surgery. Hope this helps.


      • Lynda says:

        Thanks for your prompt reply, Vicky. How many days does it take for the scabs to drop off? Also, are there any ways to conceal the scabs? After your first surgery, how much improved is your condition? Thanks again

      • vickychong says:

        My scabs dropped off after 2 weeks. It’s difficult to conceal my scabs because I had to apply anti-biotics cream all over the scabs, which was oily. The Syringoma is easy to remove if small. Once the bumps grow bigger, they may link up to become bigger, which is more difficult to remove.

  7. Lynda says:

    Hi Vicky,

    I have just had mine lasered off today for $280 at the national skin centre. The doctor who attended to me said that laser is a much better option for my case. Just to let you know. Thanks for posting about this condition..

    • vickychong says:

      Hi! Thanks for writing. Your treatment is cheaper than mine :). Hope you are satisfied with the results.

    • Elaine says:

      Hi Lynda,

      I am considering doing laser treatment on my Syringomas as well, and have received a quote from the dermatologist at Changi for around 700 for laser and 390 for electrosurgery. May I ask how much was your initial consultation fee at the NSC? I would consider going to NSC for the laser treatment if it is significantly cheaper.

      Look forward to hearing from you!

  8. kas says:

    Anymore updates on results from lynda?

    • Lynda says:

      Hi Vicky and Kas,

      My scabs dropped off in about 4 days and some of the scabs just seemed to melt back into the skin, if that’s the correct term to use. So I could even go out for dinner with a concealor after day 4. Maybe my dermatologist was too scared to remove too many at a time so I would say my condition is just 30% improved. The bigger ones did become smaller though so I’ll be going for another surgery via laser next Monday. Vicky, is yours $300 for both or one session?

      Btw,I have found a concealor that manages to hide the syrngomas quite well but it would not be polite to post here because I am not promoting th product. If anyone is interested I can share with you further. The trick is to get a concealor that is slightly darker than your skin tone. That would mean staring at the mirror with the concealor held against your eyes to see if it’s just slightly darker.

      • vickychong says:

        Hi Lynda,

        The cost i paid was per session but the second time was cheaper.

        The bigger ones are more difficult to remove so don’t wait until its big before you take action.

        Thanks for your contribution here.


      • Jenna says:

        Hi Ladies, I read your post on syringomas. I’m contemplating to get it done at NSC. Now that I know treatment is available there. Mine is quite bad. In fact, when I go for the facial they did try to burnt it off. Not very good results. Wud that be consider as laser treatment? Can you adv how I can go about to get a treatment at NSC. Lynda abt the concealer cud you adv the brand via email to me. Thks.

      • vickychong says:

        Just call up NSC and make appointment with any Doctor. They will advise which is best for u.

  9. LC says:

    Dear Vicky & Lynda,

    Thanks for all the information. BTW Lynda, may I know the name of the concealer that you mentioned in the previous post? I am gathering all these info in order to persuade my daughter to go for the treatment. She is still schooling and cannot afford the long period for the scabs to go off. You can email me at if you think it is not polite to post it here.

  10. Tenglai says:

    Hi Vicky,

    for ur treatment at NSC, the doc used electrocautery ya? Besides burning off the top layer, did they actually help u to remove the lump that’s underneath ur skin?


  11. kas says:

    Hi I’ve been informed that improvements after treatment lasts 1-2 year, Is this what youve been told?

  12. Vince says:

    Hello Vicky,

    Recently i have been diagnosed with syringoma(nearly 30 of them under both eyes) by a derm from DRX clinic. Derm said electrocautery can remove them but will recur in a worse state.

    From the above, I learned that you did a electrocautery treatment a few months back and going for your 2nd treatment. I would like to know about your condition? Is it getting better? and are there any scars?

    I have just made an appointment with one of the doctors from NSC this coming 14th and I am afraid to hear the same things mentioned by 1st derm i visited. Matter of fact, i am quite depressed with those bumps around my eyes, knowing that it can’t be removed permanently.

    Really hope that doctors from NSC can help.


    • vickychong says:

      Hi! I did the surgery first time about 10 years ago and twice last year. It’s easier to get rid of when its small. The surgery was effective but the ‘tumours’ do grow back over time. Syringoma is quite common among my peers. There is no scarring but one surgery may not clear all at once.

      Don’t be too worried.

  13. David says:

    Hi Vicky,
    What was the electrosurgery called? Hyfercation, electrodessication , electrocutery ? How long did it take to scabs to fall out? Did it leave hyperpigmentation under the eyeS. How many treatments would it take to clear up and how long I need to go back to treat it? Every year? Thank you !

    • vickychong says:

      Hi David,
      It’s just called electrosurgery. Different people may experience different recovery rate, You may want to read the comments for other helpful tips.


      • David says:

        Thank you Vicky for the reply. Can you please let me know if its a needle inserted in the Syringomas and does it crust up and fall off?

      • vickychong says:

        I believe a probe is used to burn off the tumors. Thus It’s easier to remove when It’s small. The burnt part will form a crust after a few days which drops off without scarring.

  14. kas says:

    Hiya just wondered if you had any before and after pictures? Ive had some of these treated a while back. I noticed that the ones that were really sticking out were made flatter but it did not make much difference to the others. This has made me think just to get the larger ones treated and forget about the others

    • vickychong says:

      The clinic took but I don’t have copies. Depending on the doctor case to case, mine tried to remove as many as possible. The smaller ones are easier to remove than the larger ones. Also, those close to each other are more difficult to remove as the skin swells and reddens immediately upon treatment. That’s why usually done a few times.

  15. Celeste says:

    Hello Vicky,
    I’m in my mid 20s and I’m also suffering from the same issue. I previously did some removal procedures at the facial salon, however the problem is recurring. Last year, I went to a dermatologist and have them removed using CO2, yet the problem still persisted. CO2 did not completely solved my problem of removal of these ‘seeds’.
    Can I check with you, did you get a referral letter to NSC or did you walk-in for your first consultation..?
    How is your healing process getting along?
    Thanks for sharing Vicky!

    • vickychong says:

      Hi, NSC does not accept walk-in patients. You must telephone to make an appointment. If you do not choose doctor, they will just match you with earliest available doctor.

      It has been some time since I did the procedure, and I know this is a recurring problem.

      You may want to read comments from the other people about this post which may be helpful if you have not done so.

  16. annie says:

    I just got my syringoma’s removed on tuesday and there seems to be no scab forming, It looks like I have little tiny holes where they were 😦 I’m not sure if this is normal but I keep having to put aquaphor on it and I’m not sure if this is preventing scabs from forming? Thank you for your input!

    • Jane says:

      Hi Annie,

      what were the results of ur treatment? I too had it done two days ago and I was also given aquaphor. But I’m afraid they aren’t really scabbing. Any advice?. Thank you.

  17. Meg says:

    I have developed tiny white cluster under both of of eyes recently and the dermatogist said it was syringoma. The treatments I have read like hyfrecator or CO2 laser and etc. seems to either not remove the syringoma or made it worst. I am hoping they will find a cure for this skin problem soon. After much research, I have read intralesional radiofrequency can CURE syringoma. Here is the study regarding this new procedure.
    Hopefully they will have this procedure available in the states soon for people who want to get rid of this skin disorder.

  18. Hersheys says:

    Can I check what is the doctor you are seeing at NSC to do this procedure? Thanks. I have this condition and will like to have a consultation. There are many doctors at NSC with different specializations, so I will like to go to one that someone has gone to before. Thanks again.

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  20. jadedjei29 says:

    Hi! I just got my syringoma removed yesterday at Naaman Skin and Laser Centre in Novena Medical Centre by Dr. Khoo Boo Peng. He seems to be a nice guy and the Co2 laser treatment that he did was done smoothly. The whole procedure (including topical antibiotic, antiseptic wash, and consultation fee) was at SGD566. I’ve had like >50 bumps each eye before the procedure. I will be seeing Dr. Khoo after a month for a followup checkup.

    But I am just worried about the holes that I can see a day after the procedure, is this normal and will the holes disappear?

    I hope someone can share some thoughts..


    • Lynda says:


      I have this done 5 times already at the National Skin Centre. This is because there are simply too many to be removed at one shot. The holes are normal. From my experience, the scabs formed drop off around 5 to 6 days after the surgery.

      • jadedjei29 says:

        Hi Lynda,

        Thanks for sharing..

        How long will it take for the holes to disappear?

      • Llora says:

        Hi Lynda,
        I am 23 this year and have around 50 milia on my face and is troubled by it as I have very fair skin and thus they are more obvious. May I know the doctor who helped you perform the laser surgery and whether NSC helped you apply numbing cream prior to it and is it painful? (I have super low pain tolerance of -5/10, a scaredy cat, not kidding T.T)

        Also, how fast did new ones start coming out after your surgery?

        Thank you for sharing!

      • Lynda says:


        Dr Tan Wee Ping is the one who treated me. To be frank, it is a bit painful. So what I do is I take paracetamol an hour before the surgery. I think that helps. I also have a very low pain tolerance level but I think this is worth the pain. Dr Tan says most likely I would have to do the surgery yearly to maintain clearer skin.

      • Llora says:

        Hi Lynda,
        Thank you so much for sharing with me your experience~
        May I know how much you paid for each session of consultation + treatment, and whether you got in to NSC through polyclinic referral?

        Also, does it mean NSC didn’t apply numbing cream for you?

        Thank you!

      • Lynda says:


        I paid around 280 to 320 for each surgery. Of course numbing cream is applied but you can still feel the pain. Maybe because my threshold of pain is low. The first zap is usually not painful. But as she continues to zap with the laser, it increases in intensity.

      • Lynda says:


        I did not get a referral from the polyclinic but instead called up for an appointment instead. This is because it will not be subsidized being cosmetic in nature.

      • Cheryl says:

        HI Lynda

        I have an apt at nsc to see regarding this syringoma under my eyes. I have this since I was at teenager. will the doctor start treatment at first consultation?

      • vickychong says:

        Not during my time. The electrosurgery has to be scheduled as MC will be given.

      • cherylkjh says:

        I have seen the doc at nsc. Was scheduled electrocautry next tuesday…

      • vickychong says:

        Update me. Think I need to do again. Who is your doc and how much?

      • cheryl khoo says:

        I have just done the electrocautery yesterday. doctor charged me SGD350. my left side was more serious as they kinda lumped together. my doctor is Suzanne Cheng. she tried her best to remove what she cant on my left side. she is going to see me one month later to review. might have to go thru EC again, now my eyes are swollen. how long does the swollen will become back to normal?

      • vickychong says:

        I also had to do twice a month apart. I didn’t have much swelling. Only crust. Takes 1-2 weeks depending on how much is done.

      • cherylkjh says:

        it is 1 month plus after the electrosurgery, however there is scar. is there any scar removal cream to intro?

      • vickychong says:

        I left mine to fade on its on. If you are going back for a review, ask your dermatologist.

    • Paul says:

      How are the holes now? Have they healed?

  21. yongsym says:

    I’ve been living with this condition for 10 years, beginning from my late twenties. I wasn’t bothered by it but it seems to be getting worse with age. After reading your post and the very informative comments, I just took the first step by making an appointment at the polyclinic to get a referral. Crossing my fingers…

  22. yongsym says:

    I just did CO2 last week and it cost me $300. The scabs were very minimal and all fell off in about 5 days. My concern right now is that I still see the bumps there. I don’t know whether it’s the result of swelling, meaning the bumps will go away after a few weeks, OR the doctor did a poor job. I will be seeing the doc for a review next month and to be honest, it can’t happen soon enough! I really want to know if the procedure was successful for me or if I need to go for another session.

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