Listening to my Intuition

I have an intuition that someone is trying to tell me something. On the cover of the August issue of O magazine, I am told to “Let Your Intuition Be your Guide’. Then yesterday, while flipping through a Nov 2010 issue of Simply Her which Bee passed to me recently, in it was an article ‘Got A Hunch?’, telling me ‘how to listen to my intuition’.

I tried to practise what I’ve read. One has to ‘feel’ your intuition. In both magazines, there are ample examples on how some people acted on their intuitions which changed their lives for the better. I had a hard time trying to recall if anything like that has ever happened to me. Perhaps I had never paid attention to my intuition before. Whenever I get a sinking feeling something bad is about to happen, I hope it’s just my negative pessimism. Thank goodness it was. Or when I am very sure something good is about to happen, nothing ever does. Looking back to my past four and a half decade of life, I can only remember meeting my friend TSF for the first time in a hotel room at Hyatt Saujana with many of my regional ICI colleagues in January 1997 and feeling the positive vibes emitting from her. There and then, I knew we were meant to be good friends. I tried replicating that feeling ever since but most time, it has proven wrong.

What is an intuition? You can call it sixth sense, inner voice, gut feeling. Susan King, a professional intuitive calls it ‘knowing without knowing.’ Animals has it in them when they know when to escape an earthquake or disaster zone. It’s not thinking (see my  blog on Eckart Tolle) but feeling. Susan King said that we were better at intuition in the past. But with modern technology and the frantic pace of life, there is no quiet time for the mind to listen to anything.

How to build your intuition?

1. Have at least 15 minutes of quiet time daily, focussing on your breathing. This is the time to connect with your inner self.

2. Live the day. Don’t let anxiety and worries mar your thoughts. Wisdom is calm, not fearful.

Martha Becks, in the same O magazine, advises that ‘if you are wondering whether a choice is wise or not, don’t search your mind for a rational argument. Instead, hold each option to your attention, then feel its effect on your body and emotion. When something is wrong for you, you’ll feel constriction and tightness. The wise choice leads to feelings of liberation, even exhilaration.’

Here are some exercises she advocate:

1. Think of a challenging circumstance or difficult decision you are facing right now. Write the first answer that comes to mind with regards to your difficult situation.

What would calm do now?

What would peace do now?

What would relaxation do now?

Feel your body let go of the tension and you heading to a wise direction.

2. Your mind has a vision board containing all the nightmares that torment and terrify you. Make a board of the images. When done, make another board which contains three or more images to contradict that nightmare image. For every image of crisis, find three beautiful image of calm. For every image of violence, find three images of loving kindness. When done, ceremoniously shred, burn and thrash your nightmare board. Focus on your wisdom board.

3. Take ten minutes to write a description of your life. Look at every word that carries frightening or painful associations, which has more power than you think. Change that word to something more freeing, relaxing and exhilarating. If you wrote ‘I am nervous’, trying changing it to ‘I am excited’.  ‘I am open’ could replace ‘I am unsure.’ As you change your story, peace will come and wiser inner voice will begin to arise.

Practise all the above to make it permanent. Each time you choose wisdom as your advisor, your come closer to making the choice a way of life.

I am still practising and found a novel way to listen to my intuition. When I play Hanging with Friends on my iPhone, I try to feel and listen to what letter I should choose to guess the word. I am getting better. Is it my skill at Hanging with Friends or my intuition, that I am not sure.

Whatever it is, I better listen to my intuition to practise listening to it. I know someone is trying to tell me something. It’s in my gut.



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