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Brooms and Mops Theory

In case you find the title weird, I couldn’t think of a better one so early this morning. Anyway, there is a Chinese, or more specifically Teochew saying that if you store your mops and brooms at the same place, things will … Continue reading

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Ajummas like OneTV

Since the introduction of SBS’s OneTV on Starhub channel 823, I now have four Korean dramas to watch at 9 pm (including KBS 115, TVN 824, 825. If I really wanted to, the dramas start at 7pm.) I told Mike, with so … Continue reading

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Growing old and Dependency

There have been many discussions and talks on elderly care recently around me. It was just reported in the papers last week that many elderly live alone in poverty. Perhaps it’s because my friends and I are at that age … Continue reading

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SingaPOP! – A review

According to the official website, SingaPOP ‘concert pays tribute to 50 years of pop music development in Singapore, in parallel with 50 years of Singapore’s economic development.’ Conceptualized by Dick Lee, this is the largest gathering of past and present home-grown … Continue reading

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Triple Three @ Maritus Mandarin

Last August 2010, we had the privilege of dining there to celebrate Ivan’s birthday as those born in the year 1965 qualifies for a 45% discount in view of Singapore’s 45th National Day celebration. This year, the offer was better. As a … Continue reading

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Buying Happiness – Material versus Experience

For her son’s twelve-year-old birthday in June, my friend bought him a computer game set. She then proceeded to complain to me that he spent the following weekend playing the game instead of studying for his PSLE. I shook my head. … Continue reading

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Food for thought – Clues to Happiness

My mother sent this to me and I thought hard about it. EIGHT CLUES TO HAPPINESS By- KHUSHWANT SINGH Having lived a reasonably contented life, I was musing over what a person should strive for to achieve happiness. I drew up a … Continue reading

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