Baby-Faced Beauty – Korean Drama

On paper, this drama has so much potential to succeed as a great romcom – a woman pretending to be younger in order to be employed as a designer, and in the midst of all this, is caught in a love triangle between the dashing CEO and the goofy young MD.

In 34-year-old Lee So Young’s  own words, who would want to employ a 30 plus woman with no qualification? The only chance of her ever joining The Style company is to work as a young temp. As with many scripts which rely on deception and lies, the suspense comes from how Lee So Young copes with not being caught at having lied about her age in the first seven or so episodes. It gets tiring after a while, especially after we are forced to believe that she looks really young when the others comment about ‘how young she looks’, or her ‘baby-face’.

And so, So Young joins the design team and she beats everyone hands down in every design competitions. Once her true age is revealed, the other suspenseful moments are whether she would win the design competitions, often centred with frauds to give added advantage to a director’s daughter to win. But of course So Young wins, thanks to the MD’s help.

The 20 episodes drama struggles along in the love triangle between So Young, the eligible, rich CEO Ji Seung Ill (acted by the dashing Ryu Jin) with a young daughter, and the seven-years younger Jin Wook (Daniel Choi). She falls for the younger Jin Wook but their romance is thwarted by Jin Wook’s father. Which Korean father would want his son marrying a much older woman? This romance is made worse by the lack of chemistry between all the three leads. Lee So Young may look young, but she sure behaves like an old lady, with hardly any expression and none the bounce nor bubbly personality we would expect of a baby-faced beauty.

With four Korean dramas showing concurrently now on Starhub at prime time 9m, I wonder why I bother to stick to the end of this series.



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