Take care of your health

I try to jog three times a week. Often, I try to get Aaron to come along. Like on that Thursday two weeks ago. People have been commenting on his size and have asked why I’m not doing anything about it. Do what? I asked. Starve him? The only thing I can do  is to ‘encourage’ him to exercise more, since he has stopped his soccer CCA. So there I was, persuading him to go with me. But he refused. Resigned, I told him that he is the perfect candidate for diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure, all of which his grandparents are suffering now…plus stroke….I added with good measure.

His reply? Stroke, stroke lah.

After my jog, my aunt called, her voice shaking with anxiety. My uncle had collapsed in the office and his colleague suspected stroke. Saying that, my aunt’s voice broke. Wet with perspiration and probably stinking, I told her i was on my way. On our way to my aunt’s house, I reminded Aaron about his flippant remark about stroke. If you don’t take care of your health, stroke can strike you at the most crucial time, when you are at your peak, or when you have dependents. You can’t choose when to have a stroke. Stroke can render all achievements and family happiness away in a second. He kept silent and I had hope that silence would propel him into a healthier lifestyle. Fat hope. (Pardon the pun.)

There is a saying that Health is wealth. Yet despite knowing that, people are still complacent about their lifestyle. Mike always has excuses for our weekend run.

‘It’s going to rain.’

‘Late night last night.’

‘The run makes my qigong tomorrow difficult.’

Like father like son.

Last month, my friend, after losing her sister to cancer in March, was served a double whammy when another sister collapsed with stroke. Bee’s brother , at 50 years-old, was also hospitalised for stroke in June. Luckily, both were mild and both have been discharged and recovering at home.

Just last week, I heard news that two of my friends are suffering from cancer. A primary school classmates is currently undergoing radiation and chemo for breast cancer. I tell my sister often to do a mammogram, especailly now while she is here, since German insurance do not permit any claim for mammograms unless one is 50 and above. What i have read is, breast cancer has the fastest growth rate for women in the 40s. She brushes me away and says she can always do a self-examination everytime.

Last night, a friend told me her husband is suffering from nose cancer. He is receiving treatment and I salute my young friend for her bravery and optimism. One needs a  positive attitude to fight cancer and her family’s battle is already half won. I am trying very hard to improve myself on that aspect.

With so many such news swirling around me, I have become quite paranoid. I can’t imagine any of my love ones and close friends being sick. So please, don’t take your health for granted.

Give up that smoke, Uncle E.

Exercise more, everyone else.

And by the way, my uncle is well and fine. He has an allergy attack, with a false scare to him family.



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