Larry Crowne – Movie Review

Aaron won a pair of tickets to the last installment of Harry Potter movie and he invited Ivan along. I had arranged to meet Bee at Lido for a movie already and I thought it good timing that all four of us would be watching movies at Lido last night. When I got there, I was horrified to learn that Lido had cancelled all other movies because of the Harry Potter preview. Hurriedly, Bee and I checked the internet and decided to walk to Cathay Cineleisure instead.

Larry Crowne is helmed by two super stars – Tom Hanks and Juliet Roberts. So the movie can’t be that bad right? But STLife! had given it a poor rating. We decided to take the chance. Romcoms have hardly received any good reviews before.

Tom Hanks is Larry Crowne, a divorcee who is retrenched in his position as retail sales at a hypermart due to lack of qualification. He has a mortgage from buying out half the house from his ex-wife and cannot afford the loss of job. But economy is bad and instead, he checks into a community college to ‘upgrade’ himself. He takes a speech course taught by Ms Tinot (Juliet Roberts) and Economics by Dr M, a Japanese lecturer.

In the mean time, to save fuel, he buys a scooter and joins a ‘scooter gang’. Besides going to school, he returns to his old profession of a cook at a restaurant. Through the Econs class, he realises that he must put his house on foreclosure. Meanwhile, Juliet Roberts breaks off with her porn surfing writer husband and a spark flies between them.

The romcom of two middle-aged people might not sound interesting but Tom Hanks pulls off his character with credibility, even appearing attractive enough to warrant the insecurity of his scooter gang leader over a young college mate. Juliet Roberts is once again portrayed as clever-talking, with her slim, long-legged body filmed against backlight to shown off her silhouette. Her cleavage is enviable, so Bee and i can’t understand how her husband can call her a ‘washboard’. Her botoxed-face was apparent though (no frown at all between her brows even when in distress), and contrasted with Tom Hanks well wrinkled one.

Like many American romcoms, the couple is quick to make out and this one is no exception. A drunk Ms Tinot invites Larry Crowne to kiss her, barely an hour after a fight with her husband.  (It’s no wonder a parenting sex talk I attended recently warns against US shows.)

The community college in the US seems to be really fun and now I understand why so many Americans go back to school. As Larry Crowne quotes, ‘A fool’s brain digests philosophy into folly, science into superstition, and art into pedantry. Hence University education. – George Bernard Shaw’.


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3 Responses to Larry Crowne – Movie Review

  1. NIrupam says:

    Loved the movie! Liked your article! 🙂 Am a huge fan of hope! And for me that’s what the movie spells !

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