Last week, I wrote a letter to the forum page to highlight two honest individuals who returned Aaron’s mobile phone. Unfortunately,  ST Forum didn’t print the letter and so I reproduce it here to thank both people.

I confess that the incident completely slipped my mind until I read this article about kindness in the Singapore .

It stated that ‘43% (435) (Singaporeans) rated themselves high on graciousness while only 15% (155) rated others likewise.

In addition, 88% (876) felt they had done a kind act in the last six months, yet only 55% (553) felt they had received one during the same period.’ This statement made me ponder if I had done any kind act or receive any recently, then I remembered the lost mobile incident the day before.

If by any slim chance you were at IMM on 6 July at around 5.30pm and picked up a Nokia mobile phone at the second level car park, thank you. And thanks also to the lady at the IMM customer service counter for call me.

Letter to the ST Forum:

‘Barely fifteen minutes upon our arrival to IMM yesterday evening, I received a call from IMM service counter that someone had handed in my son’s phone, which he did not even know he dropped. Isn’t it apt that as I read about the kindness survey in today’s paper, I have forgotten about our own receipt of kindness until this reminder. So to the person who picked up a Nokia phone at level 2 IMM car park yesterday and to the lady at IMM service counter, thank you!’

You may also wish to read yesterday’s report in mypaper on ‘S’poreans can be kind and helpful, too’.



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