The world’s more revolting food

Last Friday on Love FM97.2, the DJs were discussing CNN’s report on the world’s most revolting food. Like all Chinese, they are not too puzzled by CNN’s choice – Century Eggs. They then asked each other to each name what they considered as revolting food. One said durian, the other said frogs (田鸡). (huh?)

I thought hard about their question. What is the most revolting food to me? I couldn’t come out with anything (hence my weight lah!) When I told my friend Ms Teh that I was going to Lavender Market to eat turtle soup, she replied, 恶心 (revolting). I shrugged.

When I was eighteen, my Filipina maid Sion returned from Philippines and brought back some Baluts, eggs that have unborn chicks (with fur too) in them. I can’t remember if she cooked them before she gave me but I was told to swallow them whole. I thought it tasted good.

In Beijing, we saw some street food stall selling deep-fried insects and scorpions. I don’t like deep-fried stuff and hence did not try but I didn’t find them revolting. My friend D bought some and she said it tasted just like crispy crackers.

Recently, my sister visited from Germany and brought us some jelly tongue ham. She didn’t say from which animals the tongue was from and we didn’t ask. We just ate it.

In fact, my kids, due to my influence, love offal – intestines, liver, kidney…It’s a pity we can’t find pig’s brain now, but it was one of my favourite food. Granny used to double boil it with eggs for me. Since they like chawanmushi, they would surely love this as well. (Heart, pig’s ears are also among my favourite too but I rarely eat them now due to health.)

If you read the CNN’s report , I would agree tarantulas and cicada look revolting enough to eat. As for dog meat, if I am not told, I’d probably not know even after eating.

fried tarantula

stir fried cicadas

My sister would probably ask why is tempeh on CNN’s list? It’s her favourite!

Have you thought about what your most revolting food?  I am still thinking, probably nothing. (Aaron says bittergourd for him, aiya, he would say that for any vegetables I make him eat.)


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