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Relatively Proper

It was nice having my sister’s family over. Nat, aged 9 and Pat, aged 5, added much joy in the quiet house and provided companionship to my brother’s almost-two-year-old son, Seb, who is often in the company of at least … Continue reading

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Beautiful Lies (French) – Movie Review

It’s been a hectic week. I’ve been feeling down. Hormones? Sister leaving soon? Stress with DSA? I have no idea myself. So when Bee called about watching the movie, I agreed, despite the fatigue yesterday. I’m glad I went. Beautiful … Continue reading

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50的追忆 – 冯焕好‏

My husband, Mike, together with his classmates from Hwa Chong JC, recently celebrated their 50th birth year with their General Paper (GP) teacher. Back in 1978, GP was still taught in Chinese for the Chinese Science (CS) Stream. (Yes, there was also an … Continue reading

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If – by Rudyard Kipling

PSLE is approaching and to motivate the P6 class for the final dash, Aaron’s teacher gave them poems. I love the poems and shall reproduce one here to share. Read it slowly, for even though the poet wrote it for his … Continue reading

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Baby-Faced Beauty – Korean Drama

On paper, this drama has so much potential to succeed as a great romcom – a woman pretending to be younger in order to be employed as a designer, and in the midst of all this, is caught in a … Continue reading

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Take care of your health

I try to jog three times a week. Often, I try to get Aaron to come along. Like on that Thursday two weeks ago. People have been commenting on his size and have asked why I’m not doing anything about … Continue reading

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Larry Crowne – Movie Review

Aaron won a pair of tickets to the last installment of Harry Potter movie and he invited Ivan along. I had arranged to meet Bee at Lido for a movie already and I thought it good timing that all four of … Continue reading

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